Social Media Platforms Step Up Their Ad Games

Lately, well-known social media sites have either made improvements or rolled out new features to benefit—as well as attract—users to their platforms. While making the most of late-breaking technology is nothing new, the frequency of these updates is dizzying. As the latest enhancements center on advertising tools—and with the holiday shopping season around the corner—this trend may not be so surprising.

Discoveries and innovations in social media marketing

This year, social media users—from fans of a particular brand to marketers—have found or witnessed new innovative developments on their favorite platforms.


The phenomena of TikTok continued (no, continues) to grow, and proof of this platform’s momentum was evident in the launch of cutting-edge advertising options, which included “Shopping Ads,” where a brand’s merchandise is promoted through in-feed videos and through the implementation of clickable ads in live videos. 

And TikTok is making further impact—even on other social media sites…

TikTok’s far-reaching influence on other social media sites

In a unique development, it was reported over the summer that the setup of TikTok went so far as to influence Facebook—with the “older” site taking steps to emulate the “younger” site’s algorithm. And now, Instagram is updating its ad formats and tools. Once again, TikTok—whether by design or coincidence—is the inspiration on which these changes are based.

The new ad tools of Instagram

As detailed by Aaron Baar in Marketing Dive, Instagram is in the process of testing its new “AR Ads” offering, which is this platform’s answer to TikTok’s “Shopping Ads.” Instagram aims to increase brand awareness and attract customer attention through a variety of digital methods that include immersive features and prominently placing advertisements on the platform’s “Explore” home grid. 

Will there be a showdown between TikTok and Instagram?

While Instagram’s current and planned innovations are impressive, this platform has a lot of competition from—you guessed it—TikTok. Among other considerations, as Mr. Baar notes, engagement levels on TikTok outpace those of Instagram Reels. And where the holiday season is concerned, TikTok helped brands achieve astounding success last year. If its recently released “Shopping Ads” are an indicator of things to come, 2022 will be another successful year. 

The staying power of social media 

The recent events listed above prove the obvious statement: Social media advertising is powerful. The effort and expense that various platforms continue to take in order to remain relevant and, if possible, gain a competitive edge, truly demonstrate this power. Regardless of whether a brand is featured on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or even Twitter or Pinterest (or a combination), social media works—and works well—to attract the attention of targeted audiences.

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