Seeing What’s Up with Spotify

There’s always something to listen to on Spotify. And this platform may soon have something to see. Yes, this popular audio site may possibly branch out into including video content. What will this mean—not only for Spotify, but video-centric platforms as well?

Video is booming

Music video has always been popular. With the advent and ease of posting music video content to social media, that popularity has increased to new heights, and is especially evident on TikTok and YouTube. As recently reported by Ashley Carman in Bloomberg, the powers that be at Spotify are responding to the popularity of these two sites by bringing its own video presence to podcasts on the platform. (Interestingly, YouTube has added podcasts its music streaming service. This may also have been an added inspiration for Spotify to consider a parallel move to video.) And where audiences are concerned…

Spotlighting a favorite audience of Spotify: Generation Z

Another strong reason for Spotify to move into video is to continue reaching—and keeping—a greater audience; specifically, the ever-expanding audience that is Generation Z. Indeed, many of these young members already tune into podcasts on a frequent basis—and notably have made purchases after having heard an audio ad. Imagine how incorporating video into Spotify podcasts would strengthen this connection to Generation Z.

Spotify’s early video production efforts

Spotify’s journey toward breaking into video has been gradual. The platform currently offers limited video capability through 10-second long “canvases” or GIFs that appear on screen as a way to promote featured musicians. Most recently, Spotify launched a music home screen where users have the ability to preview and swipe through videos with the option to select one and hear a full music track. As of this writing, the platform surpassed over 100,000 views and listens. So, Spotify’s journey toward video may be gradual—but it’s strong.

The status of Spotify and video

As of now, Spotify is seeking out and communicating with potential partners in its pursuit of adding video to the platform. Whether the popular podcast site will be a worthy competitor to TikTok and YouTube remains to be seen, but this development is an in-the-moment example of how trends change and having the ability to adapt is essential.

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