Say “Yes” to YouTube

Written by Jonathan Baker and Angela Mertz, VP, Integrated Media

As summer approaches and you’re wondering about how to make your brand stand out, consider increasing visibility via video; specifically, YouTube. You would be amazed at the results—and not just for the summer, but all year round.

Billions of impressions

You’ve heard the phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Video is therefore worth thousands upon thousands of words. With YouTube, where promoting a brand’s message is concerned, a cleverly-crafted video which gains thousands (no, billions, as you’ll learn) of views makes more of a major impact on potential customers than other venues.

Not just about entertainment

Yes, YouTube is the go to place to watch everything from “how to” demonstrations to music videos, among many other viewing options. The reach of this website is greater than you may imagine. Statistics state that as of this year, YouTube has 2.70 billion monthly active users. And reports from this year’s BrandCast, a YouTube forum that was held at Lincoln Center, brought even more noteworthy findings.

Meaningful connections

The basic rule of advertising is making a connection between brand and consumer. Add YouTube to the marketing mix, and meaningful connections lead to even more meaningful results. The BrandCast forum concluded that YouTube drives a more-than-higher return on ad spend (ROAS) in the long-term—even higher than television, other online video platforms, and paid social. Consider these examples…

  • A ”culture-first” marketing strategy for iconic soft drink Pepsi, which was exclusively promoted on YouTube, made an impact with viewers—resulting in $4.50 ROAS.
  • Through YouTube, Allstate has also seen results in appealing to viewers who watch content on different screens and formats.

Yes, you see the names “Pepsi” and “Allstate,” and may think that you cannot afford to promote your brand on YouTube. Not true!

New innovations equals new impressions

Practically any brand can develop a YouTube presence, regardless of budget or how unfamiliar it may be with the general public. And YouTube is taking this several steps further to help brands of all kinds. Here are innovations that were announced at BrandCast…

  • The launch of “YouTube Select Creator Takeovers,” which aims to help brands maximize creator-fan connections.
  • The application of Google AI-powered video campaigns to make a branded video appear at the “right” moments to engage with viewers who are interested in what goods or services are being offered.
  • “Video Reach Campaigns Non-Skip,” another Google AI innovation that delivers a brand’s reach and awareness goals more effectively via non-skippable assets.

So, YouTube—which was already a popular site among many viewers (and customers)—is poised to become not only more popular but powerful, as proven at the BrandCast forum.

Speaking from experience

Angela Mertz, VP of Integrated Media at EGC, summarizes the effectiveness of YouTube as a marketing channel:

“YouTube’s vast audience and advanced targeting capabilities have allowed our brands to achieve unprecedented results. We’ve seen brand awareness in all categories exceed expectations, translating directly into higher sales and long-term growth.”

Say “yes” to YouTube for your branding.

Could your brand’s video presence use an extra boost in visibility and reach? Contact EGC. Our teams—ranging from the Creative department to media professionals who can pinpoint the best time and place for when your video ad should be seen—will provide expert service and attention.

See you on YouTube! Oh, and be sure to visit our YouTube page.