Say “Oh Yes!” to Out of Home (OOH) Advertising in 2023

Each new year also means new, innovative technology. In marketing, online ads created by state-of-the-art digital programs continue to expand the presence and reach of brands everywhere. While we say “cheers” to another technology-driven year, let’s also examine what some may think of as an ancestor to high-tech ads: Out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Guess what? Not only is OOH relevant—it’s having a resurgence.

Ad dollars for OOH are increasing

Late last year, Kayla Caticchio wrote an article for The Drum which predicted that budgeting for OOH advertising was expected to reach $33.5 billion in 2023. This clearly indicates that an increasing number of marketers are refocusing their attention to include OOH in their campaigns. Additionally, OOH can maximize audience reach and motivate consumers to take action across other channels. Ms. Caticchio points out that OOH can cost only $3-to-$8 per thousand impressions, in contrast to online impressions at $17.50. So, OOH is cost-effective as well. And if brands truly want fully-integrated campaigns to promote their products and services, aren’t they missing something if everything is digital?

Integrate those campaigns—fully

We’ve all heard the riddle: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a noise?” A parallel question to marketers might be: “If an integrated campaign lacks an OOH component, is it fully integrated?” Incorporating anything from billboards to bus cards (among other options) truly creates—and punctuates—a fully-integrated brand campaign. Those who insist that online digital ad strategies are the one-and-only methods of marketing should consider how an OOH component would complement and increase awareness for their brands. (People who catch sight of a brand name on a bus card, for instance, might be motivated to search for this brand on their mobile devices.)  And what of “the best of both worlds”—where digital actually plays a part in the effectiveness of an OOH ad?

Out-of-home advertising meets digital technology

The innovation that is digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) takes “old school” billboards and display cards into the modern age. The audience targeting of this format is in fact similar to online targeting. This marketing channel promotes brand messaging through dynamic and digital displays in public spaces. And by “public spaces,” we’re not referring to just bus kiosks, subway stations, or wide-open spaces where gigantic billboards can be seen. The versatility of DOOH placements have extended to supermarkets, gas stations, and gyms, among many other places. Everyone from neighborhood residents to passerby traveling through town are seeing DOOH ads—and remembering them. Like we said: It’s an extra measure of brand awareness.

Checkpoints to keep in mind

If you’re thinking about including an OOH or DOOH component in your next campaign, there are a few points to be aware of:

  • Plan in advance: Be sure to utilize OOH early on in your next campaign, right alongside plans for your brand’s social media presence, website and/or eCommerce updates. By doing so, everyone—marketing team, creatives, and techies—will be connected, which in turn leads to a connected campaign.

  • Budget properly (and early): In a time where inflation is high and the overall economic landscape is hard to navigate, carefully allocate the right amount of funds to create and market a memorable OOH campaign. This will eventually earn a great return-on-investment, as OOH is cost-effective. (Review the above figures listed by Kayla Caticchio.)

  • Get creative with the creative product: Today, there is next-to-no limit as to how eye-catching and impactful an OOH or DOOH ad can be, thanks to the creative team. And if you choose straight OOH, there is another innovation which can work wonders in getting customers to take action: The inclusion of a QR code. People see it, scan it, and are redirected to a page where they can learn more or click on other calls to action.

  • Get the media “right”: Another plus to OOH advertising is that obtaining the right media is relatively uncomplicated, particularly if you partner with an agency that is well-seasoned in this aspect of marketing. And with over 25 years of experience in media planning and buying, the EGC Group can make your OOH (or DOOH) presence known and remembered.

A digital out-of-home example from EGC

This past November, EGC’s creative and media planning teams helped client KISS Products Inc. get seen far and wide—literally—in both New York City and Los Angeles. KISS wanted to promote its latest product, named “Falscara At-Home Lash Extensions.”

KISS.Falscara.News iiEGC went above and beyond with the creation and placement of a vibrant DOOH campaign that ran in New York’s Times Square and Los Angeles’ Sand Monica shopping district, and which may be viewed on our Facebook page.

Ready to give your brand some fresh air by way of out-of-home advertising? Let EGC be of service. Get in touch with us today to find out how.