Resetting and Reshaping Retail Digital Marketing

If the year 2020 revealed anything, it was our ability to adjust and adapt to sudden changes. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people had to work remotely. Businesses everywhere shut down, some permanently and others temporarily. Local businesses that managed to survive are perhaps the strongest examples of how to adjust and adapt. And much of their survival was due to digital marketing.

Online shopping is growing – especially in the era of COVID-19

Since it began, online shopping quickly became popular because of the easy and many buying options that were available. Convenience was the original attraction. With the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, what we may call “traditional shoppers” who simply went to their local brick-and-mortar stores to make purchases readily changed course and are now doing their shopping online. Safety concerns have become the attraction. This is a clear example of “change demands change” in action.

Digital marketing – now and forever

The increase in the number of customers who search online has boosted the need for local businesses – from restaurants to retail stores, and every other type – to step up their digital marketing efforts in order to make their presences known to every potential customer who is looking for something near them, but choosing to do so in the safety of their homes, before venturing out. Local small and medium-sized businesses that do not have an online presence outside of a basic listing that can be found in a Google search must catch up. And businesses that are represented by “the basics” (e.g., website, social media pages, Google My Business listing) must maximize these resources. Rich Rao, in an article originally published in Entrepreneur, cited findings in a study from Deloitte, which concluded that four out of five business owners plan on increasing their digital efforts from here on in. And these efforts must be intensified, or else…

Keep changes to digital marketing in place

One point Mr. Rao emphasizes to retail businesses that have increased (read: improved) their presence with the help of digital marketing is to avoid getting too comfortable once the pandemic has passed (or is at least contained). Retail stores, shops, and all other local enterprises must steer clear of the attitude of going back to “business as usual.” This will lead to laziness in maintaining an up-to-date and highly visible presence in Google search, which in turn will provide opportunities to competitors. And with the relatively newfound power that customers now have (not to mention a wider field of choices of where to shop), local businesses need to keep their online presence relevant. Demanding? Yes, but the times we live in are demanding.

Place Raydeus on your radar

If you’ve read this far yet feel overwhelmed at the prospect of both running a business and keeping its visibility on Google streamlined and strong – relax. The answer to effectively mange the online presence for your local business is Raydeus, a platform that provides a suite of services to help you not only survive, but thrive. Reputation management, directory services, Google search with zero-click capability, and even voice search technologies are among the services featured on the Raydeus platform. To sum it up, Raydeus is a not only a partner but a protector to its local business clients. Care to become one of them?

The new year will have a lot of challenges for local businesses. Let EGC help you meet and navigate these challenges through top-flight digital marketing service.

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