Project Spotlight: Hillebrand

When one thinks of B2B marketing, the words “corporate” and “stiff” often come to mind. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that whether a piece of communication is B2B or B2C, the recipient is always an individual, a human. At EGC, we prefer to approach B2B marketing as “B2Human.” We therefore must approach B2B marketing with that in mind – always thinking of the audience, and what would be most useful and impactful to them. 

Typically, in B2B marketing, you are looking for someone to make a decision or a change for his or her company. Compelling content is something that will aid in that goal, and make someone feel they are making the right decision. The promoted content can be based on hard numbers. Or, the content can strike an emotional cord. 

For Hillebrand, a logistics provider in the beverage industry, our content has taken on both forms. We created custom calculators for their website that allow prospects to quickly view their potential savings with just a few simple data inputs. These utilitarian tools attain great engagement on their site, and have proven to be a strong tool in the sales process. 

For many business owners, making a decision for their companies is tougher and feels riskier than one made for personal purchases. What better way to alleviate the fear of prospects than by allowing them to hear from existing customers? We have had excellent success in leveraging well-produced customer testimonial videos for Hillebrand. Hearing directly from a peer on their experience with a company is very powerful and compelling, especially when they feel organic, genuine and not scripted. Take a look at our “B2Human” work for Hillebrand, whose tracking “kegID” and “kegSpediter” technologies are featured, explained, and praised by one of their clients, Sierra Nevada Brewery.

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