PR Can Take Your Branding Far

We’ve all heard the expression: “Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.” Have you ever considered that this expression might well have been the foundation of public relations? Let’s take a look at public relations (a.k.a. PR) and its power for making the presence of a person, brand or event known.

How “word of mouth” contributes to winning marketing strategies

The idea of “word of mouth” as being the “best” kind of advertising is debatable in today’s world where more sophisticated methods of marketing reign, but one only has to read customer-posted online reviews as a reminder of the strength of people’s perceptions of a product, service, or brand. Taking this practice further, organized PR is instrumental in promotion and visibility. Two recent efforts from EGC—one for a new hire, and the other for an awards presentation—are proof of the power of public relations…

PR Success Sample I: Meet Jessica Altman

Earlier this month, EGC welcomed Jessica Altman, who serves as the Agency’s Integrated Media Planner/Buyer. This announcement was, obviously, promoted on the EGC website, as well as to a cross-section of local news outlets, including Newsday, where it appeared on June 18. Jessica expressed surprise and appreciation about this news, and continues to receive congratulations:

“It was heartwarming for friends and family to reach out and congratulate me on my new job and poke fun that I was a local celebrity now .” 

Now, multiply Jessica’s friends and family by the number of people who read Newsday. Countless readers now have further awareness of Jessica’s professional expertise—as well the EGC Group.

PR Success Sample II: CBMAS 2023

Four years ago, EGC created and has since sponsored the Craft Beer Marketing Awards (a.k.a. CBMAS), a first-of-its-kind celebration and ceremony that honors the best achievements in craft beverage marketing throughout the world. With the help of effective PR, the presence and popularity of the CBMAS has increased with each passing year. In 2023, however, this awards ceremony truly surpassed expectations. As explained by Christopher Collora, Public Relations Video Manager at EGC, the CBMAS is a prime example of great PR efforts at work:

“As a former award-winning journalist for over a decade with insights into how newsrooms work, I can tell you that pitching news stories and competing for coverage can be a very challenging process. The best and most unique case study is of the CBMAS. We’ve managed to generate a range of both nationwide and international world-wide coverage of a brand-new awards concept and it has had impact on the industry. The coverage we’ve inspired for the individual winners is unparalleled and extremely unique.”

Here is a list of periodicals with links of press coverage for the CBMAS. Some publications are well-known, some are obscure. In any event, this is powerful PR in action. How effective? The length of this list alone is proof, as Jim McCune, Co-founder of the CBMAS observes: “You can hardly scroll to the bottom.”

So, “word of mouth” via strong PR provides big wins. If you think your brand could benefit from EGC’s expertise in public relations, contact us so that we can spread the word about you.