On-Site Search Data on CTV to Lead to Out-of-Sight Advertising Results

Written by Jonathan Baker

Connecting brand messaging with customers through programmatic advertising by way of connected television (CTV) just opened up possibilities that are nothing short of amazing.

Meet the companies that are making this possible

  • Captify is a leading Search Intelligence platform of the open web that connects real-time searches from more than two million devices—globally.

    The tagline for Captify: “Empowering brands with real-time Search Intelligence.”
  • Magnite is a Los Angeles-based advertising firm that connects, informs, and entertains billions of people, introducing them to anything—ideas, products, services—to improve their lives.

    The tagline for Magnite: “Connection is our calling. It’s yours, too.”

Remember the words “empowering” and “connection.”

How will Captify and Magnite work together?

As explained in Marketing Dive, theSearch Intelligence tools of Captify will scan terms from participating publishers’ websites and organize them into groupings based on user profiles, interests—and even moments. Then, all the resulting information is converted into audiences which will be activated on the CTV inventory of Magnite.

A strong union to yield strong results for advertisers

Through this partnership, advertisers will have access to data—directly from the search bars of publishers’ sites—in order to decide on programmatic advertising choices for CTV inventory. (This is the “empowering.”) This in turn creates a shorter pathway whereby brands will be matched with the right target audiences. (This is the “connection.”)

A sign of the marketing times

The Marketing Dive article suggests that this maneuver by Captify and Magnite is a solution to Google’s discontinuation of third-party data (or “cookies”) which coincides with brands seeking first-party data connection with potential customers. With that in mind, the combined efforts of these two powerhouse platforms is first-party data advertising at its most high-tech.

Perfect timing

The enterprise engineered by Captify and Magnite is happening at a time when CTV advertising is increasing in popularity among viewers (read: customers) who demand more of a personal say in the ad content that’s presented to them—which ties in with their search habits, interests, and needs.

The term “customer journey” may be redefined—and disrupted—for the better

When a user conducts searches for a variety of topics that relate to his or her interests or needs…

  • Captify will collect this information and analyze the relationship between these searches and create a profile.
  • This information will then be available to media buyers for purchase on the corresponding programmatic CTV inventory of Magnite.

Where programmatic advertising is concerned, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful partnership!

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