New Media Company in Town to Bank On

Written by Jonathan Baker

In an age when ad performance is prioritized, renowned financial services institution JPMorgan Chase, is getting in on the act and has created its own media company.

JPMorgan Chase chases media

Does this seem surprising? Actually, it makes sense. As reported in Axios, JPMorgan Chase has facts and figures on the spending habits of approximately 80 million customers, of which 63 million are digitally engaged. Putting this information to constructive use, on Wednesday, April 3, the iconic bank opened “Chase Media Solutions”—a division which will sell ads to brands based on performance.

Win-win for JPMorgan Chase and brands

With the data it has acquired on literally millions of customers, Chase Media Solutions will offer a variety of discounts on both its website and mobile app. Participating businesses and brands will in turn have added power in targeting Chase customers to attract them to these discounts. Chase Media Solutions will be paid only when a purchase is made.

More details

The Chase Media Solutions website presents an overview of why and how this new endeavor by the financial giant is both viable and profitable:

  • Annual credit and debit sale combined equal $1.5 trillion
  • A spend of approximately $8.4 billion has been earned by brands and business that ran on Chase Offers
  • Its platform performance offers a better return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Reporting is transparent and each “consumer journey” may be viewed and accurately analyzed

Brands, customers, and JPMorgan Chase should be very happy.

The idea of a financial institution—even one as famous as JPMorgan Chase—branching out into media may have once upon a time seemed improbable. As methods and strategies to connect brands with potential customers have greatly evolved, however, this is proof that any sector can serve as a marketing influence.

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