Meta’s Threads Are Taking Hold on Social Media

Late Wednesday evening Meta launched Threads, Meta’s answer to Twitter. In the short time since its launch, millions of users have signed up and it is currently the top free download on the Apple “App” store.

Social media users are looking elsewhere

The unpopularity of Elon Musk and the changes to the Twitter platform—ranging from placing a limit on number of tweet views to implementing a TweetDeck behind a paywall—have driven once loyal followers and advertisers to seek out other similar types of social media sites, such as BlueSky. Indeed, as Colin Kirkland notes in MediaPost, BlueSky was among several similar sites that saw significant growth last weekend. (Note that the word “similar” appeared in the last two sentences. This is not redundant, but significant as Musk is threatening to sue Meta over Thread’s resemblance to Twitter.)

Social users like what’s familiar, and Threads follows through

When BlueSky first launched, one attraction was its similarity to Twitter in overall appearance and operation. This sense of familiarity is also visible and practicable on Threads, which has been stated to resemble Twitter in almost every possible way. And, as if this were not enough to appeal to disillusioned Twitter users, the ease with which they can transfer everything from user names and personal details to lists of followers from existing Instagram accounts—to newly created Threads accounts—will be fast, efficient, and familiar. So, social media users are happy. The powers that be at Meta should be happy. What about advertisers?

Brands are seeking another place on social media

Apparently, brands that advertised on Twitter did not have it easy, and—considering Musk’s constant policy changes—marketers were understandably on edge. The policies regarding advertising on Threads have not been made public, and right now Meta wants to build a consumer base before allowing advertising.

Enough Threads to weave the fabric for a strong social media site?

Despite the controversies surrounding this mega corporation, Meta has, over time, created a dynasty of strong social media platforms that have inspired others. First came Facebook, then Instagram—and now, Threads. The opportunities of what this latest platform will offer have yet to be uncovered, but if they prove to be beneficial to both users and marketers, the possibilities for success are great. As to the future of Twitter, it’s too early to predict its fate but it will be interesting to see what Musk has in store.


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