Meta’s Reels are Moving Onward, Upward, and Beyond

Meta is taking its Reels feature to new heights and going in new directions. Business owners and marketers, take note: These new developments will be beneficial for boosting promotion and visibility.

Giving Meta its due

Whatever one may think of Meta, and despite the many controversies surrounding it, this mega corporation keeps up with the times and is willing to take chances when it comes to advancement. These latest Meta-based changes involve Instagram, the introduction of app promotion ads, and (as can be expected) artificial intelligence (AI) for music optimization in these videos.

It’s all about video

Meta presented its latest advancements at a recent advertising conference. All of these advances are video-centric, which, as Matt G. Southern states in Search Engine Journal, has been “skyrocketing.”

In further detail…

  • Businesses that ran Reels ads on Facebook will now have the option to branch out to feature them on Instagram. (Significantly, these ads seamlessly blend with Reels and are not intrusive.)

  • App promotion ads are being incorporated into Reels. This means that businesses have greater opportunities to receive more downloads.

  • Since video content is greatly enhanced by sound—particularly music—audio optimization is being tested in single-image Reels ads. (And, as mentioned above, AI is the means by which this audio will be tested, serving as another example of a sign of the times.)

Meta’s motivation for these changes

Going back to Mr. Southern’s comment about the popularity of video content skyrocketing—especially in the world of social media—Meta has kept tabs on the viewing habits of users, who reportedly spend half of their time on Facebook and Instagram watching the moving imagery that’s posted.

Doubling the success

And six months ago, Reels on Facebook had been reshared more than two billion times—and that figure has since doubled. Isn’t it only natural that this kind of exposure and popularity should be extended to Instagram? And, for businesses that have had success from posting Reels ads on Facebook, the opportunities on Instagram could lead to increased opportunities to reach more potential customers.

The greatest takeaway from this latest news is that video content continues to remain as a strong (if not the strongest) method for connecting brands and businesses to potential customers. If you are thinking of promoting your business via video, or want a refresh of your current presence, consider the services offered by The EGC Content Studio. Everything from concept to production is achieved under one roof, and everyone involved with a campaign—account manager, videographer, and social media team—is in sync with producing and promoting an eye-catching video to get your brand noticed.

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