Meta is on the Move with GAI

By Jonathan Baker

Images and text that make up advertisements are being transformed via generative artificial intelligence (GAI). Not surprisingly, still further innovations are being engineered by Meta. Grouped under Meta’s “Advantage+ creative,” some of these new and advanced GAI tools are available while others are still being refined.

Advertising professionals, take note…

Having recently launched the social media-centric chatbot, Meta AI, the tech giant is now developing cutting-edge GAI capabilities for the ad industry. As with many other goals related to AI, artists, writers, and marketers will eventually have more time and energy to zero in on developing and executing creative strategies while these new GAI tools take on routine and repetitive tasks. How will this set of tools work?

The human touch in sync with high tech

Yes, what makes this innovation noteworthy is that proves how “Advantage+ creative’s” GAI tools will complement—not replace—the original thought, creativity, and effort from creators. The “human factor” of the original concept and first draft of a project comes first, and serves as a springboard for a variety of GAI-created options to build on.

GAI and art renderings

As explained in Media Post, artists will have the flexibility to apply full GAI image variations of ads that they themselves designed and created. Everything ranging from a multitude of backgrounds to product images may be placed and adjusted until the creative team agrees that their project—enhanced by GAI—is “just right.”

GAI and text editing

In addition to modifying creative-produced art, Meta’s GAI tools include a text generator which creates variations on original copywriting of headlines, body copy, and captions for advertisements. This text generator is still being fine-tuned to deliver copy alterations that are consistent with a brand’s particular voice, complemented by existing selling points that have already been published.

Branding above all

The enhancements that these new GAI tools will provide will benefit both creatives and the brands they serve. As stated by John Hegeman, Head of monetization at Meta, these capabilities will “better reflect brand guidelines with more customizations.”   

When will Meta’s GAI tools be available?

As of this writing, Meta has been releasing its GAI tools in increments, with the goal of a full global rollout by the end of the year. An article in Search Engine Land notes that the lengthy time line is because of Meta’s mission to double down on AI for improving advertisement-related relevance and performance. In short, Meta won’t rush anything.

Indeed, the combination of GAI and the Meta name makes this one of the most anticipated launches of the year.

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