Maximize Marketing with Media Planning and Buying

When you see an ad—whether it’s eye-catching, state-of-the-art online digital imagery or a traditional print or television spot—did you ever stop to wonder why and how it was placed where you noticed it? This is where media planning and buying comes into play, and makes as much (if not more) of a difference to a campaign’s success as the ads themselves. Find out why hiring professional media services is worth the time and expense. And with Q4 underway, these services can help uncover turnkey opportunities that may give your business a very prosperous close to the year.

The “how,” “where,” “when,” and “to whom” behind a campaign

In essence, media planning and buying account for the “how,” “where,” “when,” and “to whom” ads are presented. Specifically:

  • The type of media in which an ad should be presented (e.g. print, digital) is the “how.”
  • The venue where it will appear (e.g. newspaper, television) is the “where.”
  • The time slot (e.g. weekdays or weekends as well as mornings, afternoons, or evenings) is the “when.”
  • The audience (e.g., demographics by age, income bracket, and interests) is the “to whom.”

The benefits behind media planning and buying

As explained by Hitesh Bhasin in Marketing91, the advantages of utilizing a professional media planning and buying service can result in a variety of benefits, which include a higher return-on-investment, securing the best possible pricing deals, and—if television or radio ads are running—finding the best possible time slots in which they will appear.

A theoretical example to consider…

Let’s say you own a small clothing business that caters to the local region. You’ve just launched a new line of sportswear geared toward “Gen Z.” Any and all related advertising will be lost if it appears before an audience of senior citizens. A professional media planner, however, will have the expertise to pinpoint the times and places the Gen Z audience would likely see the sportswear ad, take notice, and ultimately be interested enough to visit your store.

Many business owners ask this question: “I have a great products and services that are top-of-the-line, but how can I advertise them?”

The question they should ask themselves is: “I have a great products and services that are top-of-the-line, but how can I advertise them—the right way?”

A professional media service can and will promote products and services “the right way.” In addition to our many services, the EGC Group also specializes in media planning and buying, which you can learn more about here. We can arrange for your ads to be seen by the right audiences, in the right places, and in the right times. Contact us to find out more.