Marketing Trends to Follow in 2023

The year 2022 has gone by fast. Equally fast have been changes and methods in marketing and advertising. Let’s look at emerging trends aimed to help grow the connection between brand and customer that will continue strongly into the new year.

Several months ago, the leading trends where marketers were encouraged to focus their attention on were artificial intelligence (AI), video campaigns, the Metaverse, and influencer marketing. And while these still matter, there are additional trends to be mindful of. (And, there will no doubt be more by the beginning of next year.) According to leaders at Think With Google, marketers should pay attention to these practices in 2023…

Inclusivity when carrying out media planning

A high priority is greater sensitivity and awareness of inclusion, where every type of individual—by gender, race, nationality, and even disability, among other classifications—is accounted for and addressed (read: included) in media. Importantly, as Google points out, what is known as “inadvertent bias” may get in the way of media planning, and you, as a marketer, must stay on the alert about this.

Practicing purpose-driven marketing

In an age where people are becoming more socially and environmentally conscious, sustainability is a top-of-mind consideration when it comes to deciding where they spend their money. Do the brands you promote practice sustainable practices? Do they benefit society in some way? Most importantly, do they authentically practice what they preach? Answers to these questions should be addressed and answered in 2023.

Make sure to see Generation Z

Tying in with the trend of purpose-driven marketing, we present Generation Zthe audience who expect social responsibility from the brands they choose to purchase. Members of this customer base (born between 1981 and 1996) are not only focused on purpose and authenticity, but they are the savviest of digital customers, as they’ve essentially grown up with the Internet. Google’s advice to marketers is to meet members of the Generation Z on their terms. They truly are the strongest purchasing audience of 2023 and beyond.

Privacy takes special priority

For nearly two years, word has spread like wildfire about Google’s eventual elimination of third-party tracking. This marketing tactic—once very popular and widely used—is being discontinued due to user complaints of invasion of privacy. First-party data, which builds a true connection between brand and customers, is on its way to becoming a “go to” marketing strategy. Respect for user privacy translates to trust in doing business with brands that follow this practice.

The four trends listed at the beginning of this blog—AI, video, Metaverse, and influencer marketing—are all practicable. The four newer ones that were described in more detail are not only practicable but philosophical. The trends of honoring inclusivity, being purpose-driven, respecting the ideals of Generation Z, and practicing privacy-first are all based on the collective mindset and emotions of today’s consumers. Customer experience is everything. Like the old adage says: “The customer is always right.”

Make your customers of today your customers of 2023 as well. EGC is ready to partner with you for achieving growth and brand visibility. Contact us to learn more.