Marketing Trends for 2022

If the ongoing and ever-changing era of the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is how to adjust, pivot, and adapt. Where marketing and advertising are concerned, adaptability has been especially felt in creating relationships between brands and customers. Here then are a few marketing trends to be aware of as 2022 gets underway.

Know what the customer is seeking—and not just products or services

As stated, the pandemic has changed the game in everything from how people browse and shop to eventually make purchases. And, they are not only interested in what is offered, but how it is presented. How to attract their attention? MarTech Series revealed some insights that are both interesting and perhaps unexpected.

  • Humor: Over 50 percent of customers would like to smile or even chuckle at brand-related content, which is a huge shift from last year’s findings, where only four percent wanted any element of fun tied in with brand messaging. (Considering the times of today, it is not that surprising to want to have some relief through humor.)

  • Motivational: Nearly 50 percent of customers want to feel that brands believe in what goods or services they provide, and they should be able to inspire others to feel likewise. Additionally, the ability to educate and reassure through how a brand is presented is also important.

  • Social responsibility: This is a topic that has become of increasing importance among customers. Nearly 50 percent of customers—particularly among the Generation Z age group—demand that brands take a stand against poverty, inequality, and racism.

  • TikTok: Once again, the members of Generation Z are making their voices heard, and are more inclined to follow, interact, and purchase from the video platform sensation, TikTok than other means of marketing. In fact, across all age groups, there has been a 10 percent increase in TikTok enthusiasts. (Want further proof of TikTok’s escalation among brands? Check out these findings from a blog on holiday shopping.)

So, customers want to know more about the brands they might consider purchasing from, as much (if not more) than the products or services sold. Whether a message will make a hit through clever humor or a commitment to be socially conscious, brands must be ready to appeal to their customers in every conceivable way. And, as mentioned above, being able to pivot and adapt is essential.

If you are thinking of starting the new year off with a brand refresh, give EGC a call. From strategy to social media, among other services, we can help your business or brand gain greater visibility and stature. (And yes, we can help you pivot and adapt if necessary.)