LinkedIn Links with AI to Create an Amazing Resource

Have you heard about LinkedIn’s relatively new collaborator? It is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered program named, fittingly, “Collaborative Articles,” and its goal is to promote content from members within LinkedIn who have expertise in specific professional areas. Essentially, questions from LinkedIn members are answered by others who are well versed on particular business-related topics.

The benefits of LinkedIn that are not immediately recognized

There’s more to LinkedIn than meets the proverbial eye, and Collaborative Articles may well make that visibility wider. It was recently reported, for example, of how this site was something of a best-kept secret where advertising opportunities were concerned. And now, LinkedIn is utilizing AI to build and strengthen connections between professionals. Perhaps more importantly, anyone who is still leery about AI should consider the example set by Collaborative Articles—which is true to its name, as it is genuinely collaborative…

AI done “right”

As pointed out by Dr. Hura Anwar in Digital Information World, it is important to note that the first stage of Collaborative Articles—the “conversation starter”—is powered by AI, but created with assistance from a flesh-and-blood editorial team. (In short, this is the “right way” of using AI: As a supplement to increase and expand the efficiency of human effort.) As explained on the LinkedIn website:

These articles begin as AI-powered conversation starters, developed with our editorial team, but they aren’t complete without insights from our members. A select group of experts have been invited to contribute their own ideas, examples and experiences within the articles.

Thinking of and writing an effective conversation starter that gets attention is the hard part of the process. Once noticed, the Collaborative Articles are off and running…

How do Collaborative Articles work?

A Skills Graph that’s built into the LinkedIn app matches any posted conversation starters to the appropriate number of experts who will answer by offering anything from lessons to advice—depending on the topic and their specific level of experience. Real and practicable advice is shared and experts can unite and build upon the knowledge of the topic in question.

Collaborative Articles prove to be a major success for SEO

The combination of personally written content that is enhanced by the application of AI is indeed paying off handsomely for LinkedIn. Search Engine Land reported that, as of the end of this past March, Collaborative Articles proved to be a brilliant AI-driven SEO (search engine optimization) play, having launched approximately 30,000 articles and gaining over 17,000 keywords. (And keep in mind, that was at the end of March.)

The Collaborative Articles program from LinkedIn, as stated before, exemplifies how the ideas and efforts put forth by people may be helped and strengthened with careful and responsible use of AI technology.

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