left vs. the right side of the brain

Left Brain, Right Brain: Illustration Meets Graphic Design

I recently came across a Mercedes-Benz ad that blew my mind… pun intended. The ad explains (in both words and visuals) how each side of the brain can perform different functions. The left side of the brain is more analytical, logical and practical, while the right side is more passionate, imaginative and creative. We all use both sides, although we may favor one side over the other, and no matter what side of the brain we may favor, the message is clear: a Mercedes-Benz has it all – beauty, style, accuracy, performance. Now, I may not go out and buy a Mercedes-Benz after seeing this ad, but I can definitely say that I have a great appreciation for the art and thought that went into creating these ads. I love when illustration meets graphic design, and no matter what car you may drive, I think we can all say that Mercedes-Benz knows how to stand out from the crowd – both on the road and in the paper.

Written by Jackie Fede, Production Artist