Latest Update from Google Chrome Makes Everything Personal

Written by Jonathan Baker

Have you heard about a recent update to Chrome? This update is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) with the purpose of offering a more personalized browsing experience to users.

Meet Chrome M121

As reported by Matt G. Southern in Search Engine Journal, the latest version of Google Chrome—named M121—will enhance the user experience with customized and streamlined browsing of the web through experiential AI features. These features are in the process of being released to the Chrome browser and will be available on both Mac and PC computers in the United States.

How can M121 be accessed?

Users with a Chrome account can sign in, go to the “Settings” section, and then search and navigate to the “Experimental AI” page. (If you do this while reading this blog and “Experimental AI” does not show up, it means that M121 has not been released to your Chrome settings yet. Also, be aware that M121 is still in the initial public testing stage, and it is not accessible to business or school accounts.)

What are the enhancements that make M121 unique?

The AI-connected features of Chrome M121 that will make web browsing as personalized as possible for users are:

  • Tab Organizer Tool: Now, users will no longer have to manually arrange browser tabs that are of the same group or subject matter, thanks to the “Organize Similar Tabs” option. (This may need to be accessed by clicking the dropdown menu next to the tabs.) Once accessed, Chrome will zero in on all tabs that are similar in nature and offer the option of creating tab groups to encompass them. As a bonus, users can apply names and emojis—supplied by M121—to quickly and identify specific tabs.
  • Browser Themes—Customized and Personalized to Each User’s Desire: Taking a cue from wallpapers generated by AI for Android and Pixel devices, Google Chrome is stepping up this game. Through M121, a Chrome browser may be customized to a user’s personal preference, based on factors as general as color and mood and narrowed down to subject matter and visual style. Users looking for inspiration as to how to customize their browsers may consult an included Chrome gallery that has pre-made themes.
  • “Help Me Write” Option: Not currently available on M121, Chrome is planning an update which, true to its name, will assist users who are experiencing anything from a severe case of writer’s block to suggested edits for improving how a work-in-progress is being written. Similar to ChatGPT from Open AI, “Help Me Write” may be applied to any text—from a brief RSVP for an invitation to a lengthy composition on any subject.

As stated above, Chrome M121 is still being released throughout the nation, and it is still in the testing stage. While it is still too early to gauge the overall opinion of this update, the advances that Google Chrome is achieving cannot be denied. To quote a recent article in Chrome Unboxed by Robby Payne, this browser is “firmly in the AI zone.”

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