Is Your Business at Risk of Being Suspended from Google?

Did you ever receive a notification letter pertaining to your business that was not a “thank you” card or commendation? You know—the bad kind. It may have been from the collections department of an agency about unpaid bills. Or, maybe it was a legal notice of some kind. Either way, notifications like these translate into warnings. Guess what? Google My Business (GMB) now has its own kind of warning. Find out how to avoid being warned.

Google gets tough about Google My Business listings

As we live and manage in times that are still influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, Google My Business has become a major connection to the outside world for many people who are playing it safe; still staying close to home and going out only when necessary. And local businesses that are still emerging from the economic impact of the pandemic have yet another situation to be concerned about: If their Google My Business listings are either incorrect or obsolete, they risk being suspended from Google altogether.

Online listing versus brick-and-mortar actuality

Last week, Barry Schwartz reported in Search Engine Roundtable on Google’s relatively new practice of sending email notifications to shops, stores, restaurants, and any other enterprise about suspension of their listings from Google My Business. The overall reasons for suspension have to do with the accuracy (or rather, inaccuracy) of relevant information—ranging from street address to hours of operation, among other data—about a business’ online listing. When the online information does not match the in-person user experience, it is trouble.

The words businesses dread: “…your Google Account may be closed”

Imagine: A person looks up a small store online (accompanied by the words “near me”) and finds its location and hours of operation. This person makes the trip, only to find they are either lost (because of an inaccurate address) or the place is closed (because store hours are wrong). Sooner or later, this small store will get a warning. And Google refers to online accuracies as “violations,” which is strong stuff. The last words of these email notifications read:

“In the event of repeat violations, your Google Account may be closed.”

Not good. And if the Google Account risks being closed, these businesses with inaccurate info may wind up having to close their doors permanently.

More than just ounces of prevention

On one level, businesses at least receive warnings about any inaccuracies in their Google My Business listing and have the opportunity to update their information. The reasons are listed and the business owners will know what online listing information needs correcting.

On the other hand, why should businesses receive email notifications from Google concerning their GMB listings in the first place? Through the Raydeus Local platform, neighborhood businesses can have their listings managed and checked to ensure that each item of relevant data is accurate across all online channels. The information that potential customers find out about a business when they conduct an online search therefore leads them to the right address during the correct hours of operation, among other important details.

If you think your local business could benefit from the services provided by EGC, let us know. We can promote your business, and see to it that its information is visible, accurate, and up-to-date—keeping your customers satisfied, and you in business.