Is Scandoval the New Super Bowl?

Discover how EGC is leveraging big reality TV moments for client impact… 

Reality TV shows, like sporting events, often rely on compelling narratives and storytelling techniques to engage viewers. They create storylines, develop characters, and build suspense to keep audiences hooked. This storytelling aspect can draw viewers into the lives and journeys of the contestants and generate emotional investment that’s similar to the narratives which surround sports teams and athletes.

“Vanderpump Rules” is a reality television series that focuses on the lives of the staff at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants in West Hollywood—primarily SUR (Sexy Unique Restaurant). The show’s ratings surged as it progressed, and it became a flagship series for Bravo. Its viewership grew substantially—particularly among the key demographic of young adults. “Vanderpump Rules” became known for its ability to draw viewers in with its relatable and often contentious storylines. The show effectively blended personal conflicts, romantic entanglements, and the dynamics of working in the restaurant industry, which resonated with its audience.

EGC has skillfully harnessed this relentless momentum by expertly leveraging media relationships to strategically position ads within the program, permeating both regional and hyperlocal realms with unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

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