iOS 15 and Its Impact to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Customer privacy is the initiative of the moment for big tech, especially Apple. With every iOS update, there’s a new implication in regard to customer privacy—but a bigger implication to the marketing ecosystem.

Recently, Apple released its latest mobile operating system: iOS 15. This update contains major changes to privacy features that will impact email marketing to customers of Apple products. Businesses should be aware of the changes and adapt their marketing efforts to fit in with this new environment of iOS 15.

What the iOS upgrade is all about

The iOS 15 upgrade will enable anyone connected to an Apple device, ranging from iPhones to iPads, the option to load remote content privately, which would in turn block the ability of a sender (in this case, the marketer) to track open rates. Until this update, marketers could include invisible pixels designed to collect information, such as IP addresses and dates and times of opens.

With the Mail Privacy Protection feature, users can now turn off that function if they choose, and marketers will not know whether or not the email was opened and read, which means they have no way of knowing if the campaign is working.

Further, Apple’s Mail app can mask the email recipient’s IP address, ultimately removing the marketer’s ability to know the consumer’s specific location.

What’s a marketer to do?

First, take a deep breath. This update does not impact Mac computers or non-Apple devices. All is not lost.

Second, begin planning other ways to capture alternative communication, such as SMS. Our agency is finding more who are people are willing to opt in with their cell phone numbers than ever before, and many prefer to communicate with brands via text instead of email.

Next, review your database and check that your unengaged subscribers are removed. If your list isn’t clean, your domain’s reputation is at risk.

Last, think of click-throughs as your new open rates. Find more ways to get you your customer to click over. Think beyond the “buy now” or “learn more” buttons and find click opportunities for your audience—regardless of their lifecycle with you.

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