Instantly Eye-Opening News About Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels, which began just under two years ago, have taken the world by storm. People everywhere are creating engaging, entertaining videos to post. Among these people are business owners and marketers, who now have nearly limitless opportunities to showcase their brands. New features were recently introduced to Instagram Reels—courtesy of parent company, Meta—to enhance many already impressive capabilities. 

First, a primer about Instagram Reels

If you are new to Instagram Reels, here are three points to know about how they work:

  1. Reels are part of the “Explore” page on Instagram. Here, content representing a brand is distributed to many users who are outside of Instagram’s current base of followers.

  2. Additionally, Reels appear on pages where any songs, hashtags or special effects are placed to construct a video. (For this reason, careful preparation and a well-thought-out strategy is key before recording a video that gets uploaded to Reels.)

  3. Reels are for any and every type of business, regardless of size or recognition. Indeed, many smaller businesses have found this to be a great method to promote their brand messaging in ways that are quick, creative, and relevant.

That is the standard operation and intention of Instagram Reels. Now, what are the upgrades and enhancements?

Everything is new with Instagram Reels

If there was an operative word to connect Instagram Reels with, it would be new. As observed by Christina Botte, EGC’s Director of Social Media, Instagram Reels help brands engage with audiences on a new level. Going further, these specialized videos have the power to reach new audiences that business owners and marketers might never have considered. Here, then, are the new or updated features of Instagram Reels: 

Audio capabilities: 

  • Sound effects have been updated.
  • Users may now directly upload audio files they have created.
  • Creators are able to import sound from video within their camera which may be accessed in other accounts.

Sound Sync:

  • Taking the audio enhancements of Reels even further, Meta is also adding the ‘Sound Sync’ option, enabling creators automatically sync their video clips to the beat of any chosen song.

Increased running time:

  • The 15-second time limit of an Instagram Reel has been dramatically increased to 90 seconds.
  • Ads on Reels now have a 60-second time limit.

Interactive Stickers:

  • Once a familiar “plus” on Instagram Stories, eye-catching interactive stickers can now be applied to Instagram Reels—which extends to more engagement opportunities between brands and target audiences. These popular interactive stickers include polls, quizzes, and emoji slider stickers. These will help to improve engagement—particularly with polls! 

 Existing videos as templates:

  • When creating Instagram Reels, users may use a different video as a template. By applying pre-loaded audio and clip placeholders, they can save time and extra effort in editing content.

Something that’s not new about Instagram Reels: Maintenance

Once Instagram Reels have been incorporated into the social media strategy of a brand or business, it’s important to stay consistent and up-to-date with trends in order to keep ahead of the ongoing algorithm updates. This kind of housekeeping, however, is well worth the effort, thanks to some eye-catching statistics.

Statistics about Instagram Reels

Collectively, Instagram Reels has taken on a life of its own. Brian Frederick, writing for Search Engine Journal, states that there are 675.3 million users, and that the engagement rate of video posts is currently at 1.5 percent. The trend that should really make brands and marketers sit up and take notice concerns the 86 percent of users (or potential customers) who reported they would be inclined to purchase a product that had been labeled as being “shareworthy” on Instagram.

Branding opportunities via Instagram Reels

The enhancements to Instagram Reels will likely increase the statistics about user engagement listed above. As a result, to accommodate this growing pool of users, Instagram Reels have become a necessity for brands of all kinds, ranging anywhere from food to hospitality to banking to medical advice, among other possibilities.

This brings up an important question: With so many users who create and upload videos to Instagram Reels, how can brands make an impact in such a large—not to mention crowded—arena? 

The answer: A thoroughly planned out and professionally executed strategy will help any brand, large or small, catch the attention of Instagram Reel audiences.

Strategy, production, and posting of Instagram Reels

In connection with the point listed above about careful preparation, EGC can provide such a strategy—from planning to production, and to eventual posting. Each and every brand we partner with receives a customized strategy to ensure its content reaches the maximum number of viewers, while also keeping up with current trends. Then, the magic happens in The EGC Content Studio, where we shoot, edit, and optimize video that will become branded Instagram Reels. Complementing this would be the fine-tuning of intro text, hashtags, and decision as to the best time to post, courtesy of our social media team.

Every brand has a story. The trick is to make its story known—and Instagram Reels are the means by which many potential customers would learn more. If you are considering these fun but informative videos as a way to make your brand seen and remembered, now is the time.

What’s your brand’s story? EGC can help tell it. Find out how by contacting us.