Instant Feedback From Instagram Polls

Written by Jonathan Baker with insights from Christina Botte

While most social media platforms may seem similar in a lot of respects, each has a unique “something extra” or perk that distinguishes it from others. Case in point: Instagram’s latest poll feature.

Interacting via emojis, comments—and more

Every social media platform has options that allow users to leave feedback. Many have a range of emojis that include everything from “thumbs up” to “heart,” among others, accompanied by interactive fields where users may enter their comments and opinions. Instagram is now stepping up this ability for user interaction with the addition of polls to their posts.

The poll feature on Instagram

Last year, ZDNet relayed news of a testing phase conducted by Instagram for a new poll feature to work in concert with its comments section. As noted by Sabrina Ortiz, the purpose of adding polls is to give creators for brands and businesses that have presence on Instagram opportunities to engage with their followers more directly. How exactly does this work?

Questions are answers

You read that subheading correctly. Captions to Instagram posts are often written as questions, opening the path to engagement, as users who take interest in a particular post type answers in the comments. So, engagement is increased, and the creator of the post can better gauge the opinions of his or her followers—leading to answers. With the poll feature, these answers are right there, right now.

Feedback is given and received—instantly

An Instagram post that stands out will receive engagement from many users. Many users have many different opinions. Through the Instagram polling feature, those who don’t have the time or inclination to type out their opinions can make them known and creators can directly see this feedback and don’t need to rely on scrolling through typed-in comments. A side benefit to this? Increased reach.

Getting to the point through the poll feature

An observation covered in Social Media Examiner points out that the ease of engagement afforded by the Instagram polling feature helps posts reach more users (which is a challenging task on this platform). Through this feature, users likely become more invested in the posted content, which connects to an innate sense of commitment and consistency. How does this impact marketing?

Greater engagement equals greater marketing possibilities

An Instagram post accompanied by a poll reaches more users, which then leads to greater engagement. As Lisa D. Jenkins writes in the Social Media Examiner article, polls “act as a gateway to spark more responses.” Where brands that advertise on Instagram are concerned, polls strengthen visibility and help deliver organic reach efficiently, transparently, and seamlessly.

Speaking from experience is Christina Botte, Director of Social Media at EGC, who states: “We’re having fun testing Instagram polls in captions! Polls give our followers another way to engage with our posts, without having to leave a comment. It’s a quick, easy, and effective way to engage with our audience.” 

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