Instagram Steps Up its Video Presence

In any online space—from e-commerce sites to social media—the focus is to provide a convenient and seamless user experience. A recent case in point: Instagram. This visual-centric platform is in the process of improving its video capabilities as a way to attract customers by making it easier and more accessible to post moving pictures to its platform.

Staying in the social media arena

While Instagram has been incorporating video for the last eight years, its motivation to upgrade and streamline this media stems from competition. A little over a year ago, TikTok—that relatively “new game in town” video-sharing social media platform—took the world by storm. This past summer, TikTok broke further ground by developing a resumes platform, where job applicants could make their presences known via video. Yes, developments such as these would make any other similar venue take stock—and action—in order to stay relevant. And that is just what Instagram has done… 

Introducing “Instagram Video”

Last month, Facebook News detailed Instagram’s first steps toward change by merging IGTV and feed videos into the new “Instagram Video” format. Users will still be able to upload videos as they had in the past, as well as apply new features that include “trimming,” “filters,” “people,” and “location tagging.

60-second running time

As reported by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today, Instagram is in the process of testing new video uploads in Stories that will allow users to post videos that run 60 seconds in length—continuously and without being broken up into segments. (It should be noted, however, that should a video be eligible for ads, its preview running time would remain at 15 seconds.)

Keeping it real—and streamlined—with Stories and Reels

Instagram will present Stories and Reels in a simplified display. Plans are in place to roll out an option where users can directly upload Reels to Stories, as opposed to having to put in the effort of navigating to the Reels feed to do this.

Easier to view videos

In addition to making it easier to post content, Instagram’s new capabilities will help users who follow any particular creators to seamlessly go from thumbnail-to-full screen mode as well as providing more convenience in scrolling to find new videos or other topics of interest.

Instagram In-Stream Video Ads

Brands and local business owners, take note: Instagram has converted its IGTV ads to the new Instagram In-Stream video ads, where long-form content may still be monetized and long-form videos that tell a brand’s story can be viewed to reach prospective customers. (Note that these video ads cannot exceed 60 seconds.)

The new strategies and improvements that Instagram implemented to its video capabilities not only meets the competition posed by TikTok but also demonstrates the necessity stay up to date by being flexible and able to pivot. As stated earlier, it comes down to providing the best possible user experience. And user satisfaction for Instagram should indeed grow.

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