How to Attract Customers? Be Authentic.

As you continue to plan and prepare marketing strategies, stop and ask yourself an important question. (No, beyond important.) This question has nothing to do with technology, social media or traditional media. (Those are important, but they can wait for a minute.) The question you need to ask yourself is: “Am I being authentic?” This seems like a very general question, but where marketing is concerned—it is the priority of 2023.

Customers want authenticity above everything else

The desire and demand for authenticity in marketing has never been so strong. While being honest and upfront in conducting business with customers—whether in person or online— seems elementary, far too many individuals and enterprises have either forgotten or ignored this. (Simply look at today’s political headlines for proof.) The evidence for being “authenticity strong” is everywhere. Where connecting brands to customers is concerned, consider how first-party data is “in” while third-party tracking technologies will be “out” by the end of the year.

The fall of third-party data…

Nearly two years ago, Google announced its intention to eliminate the once frequently used practice of targeting potential customers through third-party tracking tools such as “cookies.” Google’s decision for this move was based on growing complaints among online users who were receiving all sorts of ads and promotions for brands, products, or services for which they had no interest. In short, this was inauthentic marketing in action.

…and the rise of first-party data

Realizing that the days of third-party data were numbered, marketers made the transition to first-party data, where marketers put extra time, effort, and resources into developing strategies that will genuinely attract potential customers who will be targeted with content that relates to them. A customer learns about a brand that he or she was not familiar with—and is impressed. A marketer or brand owner gains a new customers. Everyone’s happy. That’s because this marketing is authentic.

Why is 2023 the “year of living authentically”?

Late last year, several specific trends were projected to have a lot of influence in establishing a relationship between brand and customer: Inclusivity, purpose-driven marketing, the growth of Generation Z, and—as already covered—privacy. Each trend may differ in one way or another, but they are all founded on authenticity. Without authenticity, any other component of a marketing—be it technological or theoretical—is useless. Well-known brands should be especially aware of this and not presume that their popularity in the marketplace will cover any inauthentic marketing footsteps.

Challenger brands are embracing authenticity

As the name explains, a “challenger brand” is neither a leading name in its respective industry, nor is it a niche brand. Owners of challenger brands truly think outside of the proverbial box by finding unusual but guaranteed ways of making their presences known. (Reddit, the unique content and discussion website, is a challenger brand which made a big splash when it ran an ad during the Super Bowl two years ago.) In a recent post for Managing Editor, Mike Sullivan detailed how challenger brands place authenticity at the forefront of all content they create. By being authentic, these “off-the-fringe” brands may likely attract a lot of attention and many customers in the course of this year. (Hmmm…maybe challenger brands will rise, just like first-party data has.)

Could your brand use an “authenticity check,” where your message is delivered honestly and to the right audience? EGC can help you achieve this. Get in touch with us to learn how.