How Generation Z Gets Tuned In…

How will history remember Generation Z? The influence of this youthful audience—who are passionate and uncompromising about the value of authenticity in their purchases—is making an impact on every industry. If your brand or business deals in merchandise or services that would appeal to Generation Z (“Gen Z” for short), have you considered reaching them by way of podcast? Find out why…

The power of podcasts to this younger audience

In the “old days,” young people had favorite disc jockeys and radio stations that they constantly tuned in to. Today, the power of audio via podcasts has proven to be very influential on Gen Z. A recent report posted to Insider Intelligence/eMarketer noted that within the last five years, the frequency of listening to podcasts among members of Gen Z on a monthly basis has risen 57 percent. The majority of these young listeners tune into their favorite podcasts to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world, particularly where social issues are concerned. (This is an example of their devotion to authenticity in action.) And would you believe that even social media has apparently taken a back seat to podcasts where Gen Z is concerned?

Podcasts versus social media

The report from Insider Intelligence/eMarketer also concluded that the growing number of Gen Z podcast listeners correlates with feelings of disillusionment about social media. Citing findings from the April McKinsey Health institute, the report states that approximately one-third of this young audience considered social media to be toxic and hurtful to their emotional wellbeing. Listening to podcasts, on the other hand, proved to be relaxing and helpful to more than 80 percent of these listeners. So, podcasts may not only be the “go to” source for staying in touch with current events for Gen Z, but their “destresser of choice.” This overall attitude of trust in podcasts also translates to purchase decisions.

Purchasing via podcast

Generation Z takes its podcast listening seriously; so much so, that most of them tune in and do not multitask. This influence has motivated nearly half of this audience to either make a purchase or request a product or service that was promoted via a podcast ad. Returning to the question at the beginning of this blog, does your brand or business sell anything that might appeal to Gen Z? If so, podcasts might prove to be a beneficial option, both for you and this young audience.


If there is a moral to these developments, it is to ensure that all of your marketing methods—not just social media—are authentic and honest. Yes, social media marketing is still powerful, but brands who pursue this venue must have the substance and integrity to back up what they offer. The Gen Z audience may well be the moral compass when it comes to being authentic. And as this younger demographic grows to be a dominant force in purchase power, brands must follow through and prove their worth.

Last year, EGC weighed in on the growing boom in podcast production to Newsday, and that trend continues today. If you think promoting through podcasts might help your brand get noticed, reach out to EGC. Podcasts can be recorded, edited, and launched at the in-house EGC Content Studio, and tune listeners in to your brand.

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