How Financial Institutions Can Use Influencers to Expand Their Reach

Several weeks ago, EGC promoted an influencer campaign for a client which has proven to be very successful. How successful?

The figures have it: EGC Group’s influencer campaign for Jovia Financial Credit Union increased video views 6,774 percent! 

EGC was recently tasked to help increase reach and awareness for Jovia across younger audiences on Instagram and TikTok. The approach we took was to work with well-known financial influencers who have a younger following. Our ultimate goal was to tap into students and young parents who can communicate the importance of finances throughout these stages of life to our audience. The results were astounding: 

  • 330 percent increase in impressions 
  • 541 percent increase in engagements 
  • 6,774 percent increase in video views 
  • 17 percent increase in overall followers 

In order to reach a larger audience, we took Jovia’s influencer strategy one step further by posting collaborated content to Instagram. (In other words, the post was shared to both the influencer’s and Jovia’s pages simultaneously, thus reaching both audiences.) Our first collaborated Reel with influencer, JC Rodriguez, was our top-performing post of all time—resulting in 100K views and 3.8K engagements. 

In addition to utilizing influencers, EGC was excited to include Jovia staff members as part of our ongoing video content strategy. These “Jovia Experts” speak to timely news in the industry, participate in trending videos, and continue to serve as the genuine faces of Jovia’s brand. 

What did we learn? 

By giving influencers the freedom to be themselves while representing the Jovia brand, EGC was able to communicate the products and services of this financial institution in a fun and engaging way. 

The right influencers not only helped Jovia expand their reach, but made learning about finances exciting and fun.