Health Check of Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re a marketer who has clients in the healthcare sector or an administrator seeking to improve the visibility of your facility, a robust marketing strategy is necessary to stay top-of-mind among potential patients.

Good health: Something that everyone wants

Health has become more of a priority in the last few years, with COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly heightening this awareness. Today, people have a variety of options to choose from for receiving care that range from established hospitals to nearby urgent care centers. Some practices now heavily promote telehealth as an option. How then, can these different facilities make their presences known?

Certain marketing basics are universal

While different kinds of facilities will have unique advantages or benefits over others, there are some basic foundations that apply to all as far as catching the attention of people who are seeking medical help is concerned. These are…

The four P’s in healthcare marketing

As explained by Dignity Health/Global Education, there are four fundamental principles that must be applied to the marketing efforts of a healthcare organization. These are…

  • Pricing: Marketers and healthcare organizations have the challenging but necessary task of arriving at a fair price which potential patients are willing to pay for a particular facility’s products and services.

  • Products and services: Knowing the true value of what a facility can provide to a patient cannot be emphasized enough. Products and services must be always be evaluated and healthcare facilities should seek feedback from existing patients about their experiences.

  • Promotion: The main focus of healthcare marketing, this task involves discovering the most effective means and methods for making a particular hospital, private practice, or urgent care center stand out and apart from the competition.

  • Place: Perhaps the most practical principle, marketers must base their strategies on where a healthcare facility is located. Are there multiple locations? Do the offices operate out of highly populated cities, or in more remote locations such as the country?

With this principles as the foundation of a marketing strategy, healthcare organizations should examine the most advantageous ways in which to be seen. An integrated campaign is worth considering…

Keep the foundation fully integrated

Getting your healthcare organization noticed begins with a digital marketing mix of paid advertising, social media, promotional video, and search engine optimization (SEO). And, to gain extra visibility, consider traditional print, television, and out-of-home (OOH) or digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising to the mix. Here is a case in point…

EGC’s Premier Home Health Care Inc. campaign

EGC created a wide-reaching integrated campaign for client Premier Home Health Care Inc. that included digital and traditional advertising to encourage interest in home health aide careers. The campaign—titled ‘We Are Family’ (and yes, that famous song was featured), went above and beyond expectations. (Watch the TV spot.)

Premier TV CommercialAs mentioned earlier, there are many different healthcare organizations that are vying for getting notice, which means an especially high level of competition. The more integrated the campaign—the better. Especially with more recent developments…

The advent of AI in healthcare marketing

If your efforts in promoting your healthcare organization have been strong, prepare to strengthen them with the addition of artificial intelligence (AI). A recent post on LinkedIn by Bob Davis noted that AI is already having a positive impact on healthcare:

  • Patients receive more personalized messaging.

  • Predictive analytics, chatbots and virtual assistants, and streamlined operations have improved communications between marketers and patients.

All of this in turn leads to the ultimate goal of improved patient outcomes—the most important “win” in healthcare.

It may be said that fierce competition is the number one health risk for a healthcare organization as far as gaining visibility is concerned. EGC has an antidote to this risk: EDGE—a proprietary technology that helps a business keep ahead of the competition by helping to determine the next “move” to take. And while its mission is to help and heal, healthcare is still also a business.

Could your healthcare organization use an extra boost for improving the health of its visibility? Consider giving EGC EDGE a chance.