Google Releases the “January 2020 Core Update”

A new year is upon us, and Google has just released its “January 2020 Core Update.” While the iconic search engine rolls out hundreds of updates on a regular basis, core updates are implemented only several times a year. And, Google dutifully lets users know whatever far-reaching impact a core update might have on search results.

As you may be aware, core updates require significant changes to the search algorithm in Google, with the most recent instance having happened last August. The “January 2020 Core Update” is global, which means that nothing is specifically targeted where webmasters can take actions to fix (like PageSpeed updates, as an example).

While it is frustrating among webmasters that Google is not particularly specific about these updates, it is to be understood that this does not mean anything is wrong with certain web pages which may happen to drop in rankings as a result of a core update. Don’t panic. These pages are simply being reassessed against content that had been published since the previous updates (which as stated, was August 2019), or content that might have been overlooked. But still, it is best to err on the side of caution…

Despite no immediate cause for alarm, don’t leave the release of a core update from Google to chance. It is critical that your rankings and site performance continue to be monitored. In the event your website has been adversely affected (or hit) by this core update, it is advisable to run a thorough SEO audit analysis for the purpose of learning what steps should be taken for recovery. You never know. Factors ranging from outdated practices to unknown technical issues and low relevancy might affect your site’s performance. Let EGC Group help you get your website back on track and appearing near the top of search results. True, there is a lot of time, careful analysis and effort to run an SEO audit – but your website is worth it.