Google Business + Social Media—All in One

Written by Jonathan Baker and Michael DiMarco, SEO Manager at EGC
Contributor: Viraya Myint, Senior Account Manager at EGC

Imagine an online snapshot of your business, where its Google Business listing and social media presence were right there for potential customers to view. Don’t imagine—because it’s happening.

From October till now

Google began incorporating the capability to include social media profiles into Google Business listings in October of last year. As reported by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today, the iconic search engine recently added an advanced sub-section in Search—called “Social Media Updates”—where a business’ most recent posts will appear in its connected profiles. How does this work?

Social media posts—all grouped together

The practice of viewing a business’ social platforms by clicking each individual icon on its webpage may be phased out by the new “Social Media Update” from Google. Stores, restaurants, and all other types of businesses can now connect any and every social media presence they have to their Google Business dashboards. These platforms include:

•          Facebook

•          Instagram

•          LinkedIn

•          Pinterest

•          TikTok

•          X (formerly Twitter)

•          YouTube

If you think this development is convenient, it gets even better…

Automatic, anyone?

While it is best practice to manually link all social media accounts connected with your business, post previews are now automatically populated through “Social Media Update.” In some cases, Google may also add social media links to eligible Business Profiles. (So, be sure to monitor your Google Business listings to keep track of your business’ visibility.)

Multiple locations with multiple social media accounts

If your business has multiple locations and individual social media profiles for each of them, it is recommended that the profiles are connected to those local pages instead of a main corporate account. This will allow your business to share personal success stories, unique reviews, or events and sales that are relevant to local customers. And speaking of reviews…

Don’t forget to review your reviews

Let’s take a moment to discuss online reviews. While these have been easily available to access on a Google Business listing, the new arrangement on “Social Media Update” now places a “Reviews” heading right above the latest posts, as pictured below. This should be added incentive to make sure the online reputation of your business stays strong and solid.

Image Credit: Social Media Today

A next-to-complete look at your business

If your business attracts the curiosity of online users (read: potential customers), they will get a detailed look into everything—save for an in-person visit—about the establishment. From your location and hours of operation to what others post about you on Google Reviews—and now, social media platforms—these potential customers will learn if your business matches their needs.

First impressions, and fast

Google’s “Social Media Update” is an example of the desire (and demand) for consumers to learn as much about a business as they can, and in as short amount of time as possible. They want immediate answers. While this may seem overwhelming, businesses that are transparent in how they operate and what they have to offer will connect with the right customers, sooner and with more sincerity.

Could your business use a boost to its online presence? Whether you want to boost its rankings in Google search or make a stronger impact on social media, EGC can be your guide. Our account, creative, and social media teams will make your business stand out and apart. (And we’re excited about how Google’s new “Social Media Update” could work wonders for our clients!)

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