Goodbye Google My Business, Hello Google Business Profile

If you own a store, shop, restaurant, or any other enterprise, you’ve likely used—and benefited—from Google My Business to make your presence known to anyone searching for what you have to offer. Well, prepare for a change. Google My Business is going away, to be replaced by Google Business Profile. What is this all about, and what does it mean to you and all other business owners?

The profile of Google Business Profile

Switching from Google My Business to Google Business Profile is more than a name change. The overall purpose, as Barry Schwartz states in Search Engine Land, is to simplify how business listings are directed and presented on the search engine. This would be accomplished by having businesses directly streamline and manage their single listings on Google Search or Google Maps, as opposed to the soon-to-be-phased-out Google My Business console. Business owners would then claim and verify their listings on Google My Business Profiles via search and Google Maps

Extra features

Accompanying this change in name and structure are new features designed to further help businesses. These include a “call history” of answered and missed phone calls, as well as the ability to conduct messaging via Google Search. To top everything off, a performance planner will be provided to enable businesses to devise budgets and forecast campaigns.

Google Business Profile—and larger businesses

There is one point in Mr. Schwartz’s article that is worth taking note of: The organizational change is geared to help larger businesses that have multiple locations, which will operate under the name of “Business Profile Manager.” This is not to say that small and independent businesses will not be supported, but will any of the current changes taking place impact places that are not as well-known as big box stores and easily recognizable franchises?

Raydeus Local, anyone?

Change is always a challenge, and it is beyond necessary to be able to meet challenges. This is where a resource like Raydeus Local can be an asset, especially to smaller businesses. (After all, the word “Local” is part of its name.) Among the many services offered by Raydeus Local, smaller establishments can especially benefit from local listing management, which ensures that all relevant info—including address, phone number, and hours of operation—are accurate. Another valuable service is a 24/7 digital dashboard, which lets local businesses know how well their online presence is performing. In short, Raydeus Local can keep businesses—of every size—strong and relevant.

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