Getting Real with Instagram Reels

As the new year gets underway and you rev up your marketing strategies, make Instagram a priority. If you don’t have an Instagram page for your brand, create one as soon as possible. If your brand is already visible on Instagram, give it extra care and curation. And go one step further by giving special consideration to Instagram Reels. Upscaling your brand’s Instagram game may be your best professional resolution for 2023.

Two billion Instagram users can’t be wrong

Yes, you read that heading correctly. Brian Frederick, writing for Search Engine Journal, reports that there are over two billion users who are active on Instagram on a monthly basis. Here are two other stats worth taking note of:

  • 90 percent of these two billion users follow at least one business on the platform.
  • Nearly 50 percent of U.S.-based users who are between 16-and-34-years old have made purchases via Instagram. (Side note: This is an example of how members of Generation Z and Millennials are making their purchasing habits known.)

Mr. Frederick points out Instagram’s declaration as being the “#1 social media platform for building relationships with brands.” Some may argue that its parent company—Facebook—may hold that position, but with figures like those listed above, Instagram may well prove that statement true in 2023. Let’s dig further into this prediction…

Impact through imagery

The old saying of how “a picture is worth a thousand words” was never truer than it is in today’s social media landscape, where images of all kinds are posted on these well-known platforms to generate interest and make connections. (And where social media is concerned, that saying may be translated to “a picture on Instagram is worth over millions of impressions.”) Instagram photos, videos, and Stories are all worthwhile, but we’d like to focus special attention on Reels.

Informing, entertaining, and engaging through Reels

In the running time of 90 seconds, Instagram Reels perfectly sync a brand’s message through a video format that informs, entertains, and engages the viewer. And if the information presented in an Instagram Reel entertains and engages strongly enough, the viewer may become a customer. How does this happen? Watch and listen to what Christina Botte, Director of Social Media at EGC, has to say about how important Instagram Reels are to branding.

The EGC team can further attest to the power of Instagram Reels through two case studies—one for a client, and another that’s close to home.

Case study 1: Jovia Financial Credit Union

Jovia Instagram Reels Feature.ii

Please review the second bulleted item above about Instagram users between the ages of 16 and 34. Let’s revise that age range to 18-to-24. Conventional thinking would dictate that a financial institution would not be of much interest to this youthful demographic. After thorough research, EGC came up with a unique—and, yes, unconventional—strategy to help client Jovia Financial Credit Union appeal to this young audience: A campaign which consisted of a series of authentic, creative, and fun Instagram Reels that tapped into the social trends to promote Jovia’s products and services. Each of these Reels fulfilled Jovia’s need to inform, entertain, and engage this segment of Generation Z. How engaged was this audience? In ascending order, Jovia saw increases in…

  • Brand lift/recall (12 percent)
  • Visits to its website (25 percent)
  • Overall ad engagement (55 percent)

Read more details and watch the Instagram Reels on EGC’s work page for Jovia Financial Credit Union.

Case study 2: A day in the life of an EGC intern

Instagram Feature.Hayley

This past September, staff members at EGC collaborated on an Instagram Reel featuring Hayley Botte, who was interning at the Agency. (Hayley has since been hired full time as Social Media Manager.) Having been instructed to observe and take notes, Hayley went above and beyond in this very entertaining Reel—which has received over 14K views and received close to 1,000 likes. (As mentioned earlier, so many Instagram users can’t be wrong.)

Is your brand ready for its closeup by way of Instagram Reels? From expert video production services—courtesy of The EGC Content Studio—to careful strategic planning, among other services, our creative and social media marketing teams will establish an Instagram Reels presence that will get your brand noticed, remembered, and stay top-of-mind among potential customers.

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