Get In the Know About IndexNow

A new protocol is currently being tested for the purpose of more efficient crawling and indexing of websites. Presenting IndexNow, which aims to improve sustainability for both web publishers and search engines. And Google recently confirmed that it plans to test out this protocol, which is making many sit up and take further notice.

Brainchild of Bing

As reported by Roger Montti in Search Engine Journal, IndexNow was developed and initially test last month in a combined effort by Microsoft Bing and Yandex as an open-source protocol that will enable publishers to alert search engines whenever pages to a website are updated, added, or edited in any manner. This will in turn benefit search engines, as it will cut back on the necessity for the constant crawling and searching for updates, which has been the standard practice. Ultimately, bandwidth and other resources will be conserved for publishers and search engines.

How does IndexNow work?

The IndexNow protocol is apparently simple to implement, according to Barry Schwartz in Search Engine Land. Webmasters must create a key on their servers, followed by the posting of a URL to the search engine as notification to other search engines that have implemented IndexNow into their systems.

IndexNow and Google

From Google’s goal to eliminate third-party tracking strategies in answer to privacy concerns among users to proactively updating web page title tags to benefit webmasters, its mission has been to improve and maintain web-based efficiency for all. The search engine’s decision to test IndexNow—albeit in a measured plan of action—is the latest example of building on this mission. 

If Google chooses IndexNow, will others follow?

Mr. Montti speculates that the testing and gradual implementation of IndexNow by an iconic brand such as Google will have a major impact on the online sector. Brand management site Yext is among the well-known companies that are already trying this new protocol, and WordPress is still in the consideration phase.

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