Generation Z, Pinterest, and the Possibilities

By Jonathan Baker

One of the greatest top-of-mind marketing goals is attracting the attention—and business—of Generation Z. Where marketing in the social media space is concerned, Pinterest may in time become the social media platform of choice among these young consumers.

The Generation Z challenge

With Generation Z (or Gen Z), every marketer must tread as carefully as a tightrope walker. This audience is very selective in their choice of which brands they will do business with. These younger consumers either embrace a brand wholeheartedly if it is transparent, ethical, and authentic, or quickly cross it off their list if those values are not met. What promise does Pinterest have for Gen Z?

No pressure on Pinterest

Perhaps it’s what Pinterest does not have that appeals to Gen Z. Bill Ready, CEO of Pinterest, told that Pinterest provides an inspirational social media experience “without the pressures and toxicity” of other platforms. This parallels Gen Z’s fondness for listening to podcasts because of the “no pressure” atmosphere. Mr. Ready reinforced his perception when quoted in Glossy: “They [Gen Z] see Pinterest as a distinct and separate destination from other social media apps.” This ‘destination’ spot is growing.

The potential of Pinterest

Currently, Pinterest is not a leading social media platform where advertisers are reaching the youthful Gen Z. There are factors, however, that should persuade marketers to at least consider this platform when planning future social media strategies…

  • Out of 500 million Pinterest users, approximately 40 percent are members of Gen Z. This figure is growing—and Gen Z is the site’s fastest growing demographic.
  • Complementing this Gen Z increase, brands are leaning toward Pinterest for the possibilities of added organic growth—unlike sites that have ‘pay-for-play’ requirements.
  • Pinterest recently formed a partnership with VTEX, a commerce platform, which will allow brands to place their complete catalogs on the image-centric site.
  • Top advertisers on Pinterest are increasing their ad budgets to the platform—which also saw a drop in ad costs.

The points listed above may not guarantee successful results for brand promotion to Gen Z on Pinterest. The upward direction, however, indicated by each point should not be ignored. Including Pinterest among other platforms benefitting from social media marketing may be a risk—but a risk worth taking.

Aging down leads to upward swing

Another discovery that sets Pinterest apart is how users are ‘aging down’—meaning that more younger audience members are continually registering with the platform. Mr. Ready considers this rare, and pointed out that most sites and applications attract users as they get older. More younger users (read: Gen Z) translate to future potential customers, which is another reason why Pinterest’s potential as a marketing tool will likely only increase.

As one generation of consumers ‘ages out,’ a new one becomes more visible—with different tastes, values, and goals. Being aware of what younger consumers want in a brand cannot be emphasized. A gateway to ‘meeting’ them is on social media. Are you in tune with what Gen Z is seeking on social? EGC can help, as you’ll find out by checking our social media work page.

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