Four Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

Without meaning to throw a damper worthy of either Scrooge or the Grinch on the holiday season, this year will be a challenge—for both customers and merchants. Find out how to make the most of the holiday shopping experience for everyone.

Why this holiday season is challenging…

As reported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, citing research findings from Deloitte, sales growth this year is projected to grow from 3.5 percent to 4.6 percent. To give further context to the seriousness of this situation, last year’s sales growth reached 7.6 percent. The fast and free days of spending that took place when many restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic were lifted are gone, and today’s consumers are more cautious and careful in their purchasing. What can businesses do to attract attention—and sales?

1. Customers prioritize personalization

It is a given during every holiday season that shoppers seek the best deals to save them money. This year, the “human factor” complements this desire for great deals. Nearly three-quarters of consumers in 2023 want more personalized offers. Complementing this is the fact that despite the ease and convenience of shopping online, the experience of interacting with a live salesperson has also become important. In short, customer service is as much as—if not more important—than wonderful deals.

2. Three key words: ‘durability,’ ‘longevity,’ ‘performance’

The reference to ‘best deals’ mentioned above is not just defined by the most inexpensive pricing. A product that is manufactured to high-quality standards justifies a higher price point, and merchants should promote this as a selling point in their messaging. Brett Rose, the CEO of  United National Consumer Suppliers, states that high value is top-of-mind to cost-conscious consumers. (It fits: the longer a product lasts, the less chance of having to replace it over time.)

3. Loving the loyalty programs

In connection with the demand for a more personalized customer experience, marketers would do well to utilize loyalty membership programs to appeal to anyone who has already purchased from a particular brand or business. Marketers may utilize their databases to segment their most loyal customers and zero in and provide them with the best deals and product suggestions, based on prior purchases.

4. One more key word: ‘sustainability’

Tying in with the appreciation customers have for products that will last them a long time is the value of sustainability—where packaging materials are minimized, which means less pollution and landfill usage. Sustainability in product packaging has become increasingly important, particularly to the younger shoppers that make up Generation Z, and who place great value on ethics and authenticity. Brands and businesses that choose to invest in—and promote—eco-friendly practices will see great returns and new customers.

Yes, this is a very challenging holiday season. The challenges are all focused in changing perceptions and demands among customers. (And with Generation Z at the forefront of consumers, those changes will continue.) Knowing how to pivot and accommodate these changes will help you stay ahead and succeed.

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