Empower Your Email Marketing

While it is important to maintain your brand’s presence on social media and video for connecting with current and potential customers, don’t neglect email marketing. Recent findings show that budgets for this “older” form of digital marketing is outpacing other methods of brand messaging. Find out why…

Insightful survey on email marketing

In a survey conducted earlier this year by Insider Intelligence/eMarketer, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers were asked about changes they’d made in their direct marketing strategies within the past year. The most noticeable change among those surveyed was a sharp budget increase in their direct marketing campaigns—at 62 percent. Indeed, most ad dollars have been funneled toward email marketing, with social media and influencers following at, respectively, 52 percent and 50 percent. Why is there this resurgence in email marketing?

High return on investment (ROI)

For every email sent, marketers may expect to see a return of $36. This is impressive, especially in light of the fact that nearly half of all online users in the United States tend to either ignore or will immediately delete brand-related emails without taking the time to read them. One in-the-works solution to encourage users to “delete less and click more” has been to strengthen personalization and targeting tactics by applying artificial intelligence (AI) and automation tools to emails that promote brand messaging.

Optimistic about email marketing?

Great. But take care.

The art of knowing how to curate and deliver an email campaign

One lesson that every marketer should take to heart concerns the high percentage of emails that go unread or deleted, as mentioned above. This is especially relevant when promoting any kind of holiday-related campaign, and why something known as the “Thoughtful Marketing Movement” should be practiced. One main priority is to carefully segment lists as to whom a particular campaign is directed, and when. This is where AI should prove effective in narrowing down the time and guesswork it takes to decide which names in a database should (or shouldn’t) receive a particular email. This has helped the development and popularity of email newsletter automation.

Email newsletter automation

As explained in LinkedIn, email newsletter automation is built on a foundation of predefined rules that establish the relevancy of particular emails to be deployed, when they are sent, and the type of personalized content to be included. By having relevancy and personalization at the forefront of email newsletter automation, brands and businesses develop and strengthen the connections with each customer base. (This article even refers to the hyper-personalization of email newsletter automation as “the new norm.”) Engagement rates are amplified, along with the enhanced ROI that was pointed out earlier. Customers are happy, which makes marketers very happy.

How have your email marketing campaigns been performing? Is there a healthy “give and take” where your brand gets promoted, noticed, and ends with a response from your customers? With the holiday season around the corner, the effectiveness of email marketing is all the more important. Don’t let your emails get deleted. Get in touch with the EGC Group for help.

We’ll see to it that your customers want to click and read the emails you send—not to mention following up with a response or sale.