EGC CMO Roundtable: AI Today

By Nicole Penn

As part of our mission to unite our partner community for confidential discussions on key industry trends, EGC Group was proud to host a roundtable event as part of our Private Client Series. CMOs, CEOs and clients from prominent companies in the New York area were in attendance. This event spotlighted the innovation of AI in today’s marketing landscape, with featured speaker Veeral Lakhani, CEO of Reliable Group, delivering invaluable insights into the future of AI and its transformative potential across industries.

At EGC Group, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of AI integration, which enhances our efficiency and productivity for the benefit of our clients. Our advanced AI predictive analytics tools are already delivering impressive results: improved outcomes, optimized media spend, and accelerated go-to-market solutions. Attendees from our diverse partner community—spanning various industries and marketing roles—left our event equipped with actionable insights tailored to their unique challenges and opportunities

By hosting such impactful events, EGC Group not only fosters innovation but also reinforces our commitment to keeping our clients up to date on cutting-edge strategies and technologies.

Here is a peek into what we learned:

AI as a supplemental resource—not a replacement

One key takeaway was the understanding that AI should be viewed as a supplemental resource rather than as a replacement for human effort. AI is transformative and, like most previous evolutions in technology, it brings both opportunities and challenges. Initially, the media often portrays new technologies as threats but, over time, we see their potential to revolutionize industries. During our discussion, we explored the implications of AI across various sectors, which include healthcare, education, e-commerce, and technology. We also noted that the next generation—who are being raised in an AI-native environment—will likely have a significant advantage in navigating this technology.

Biased and false information

While AI offers many benefits, it is not without its risks. We dived into the issues of bias and the propagation of false information. It is important to develop and use AI responsibly to mitigate these risks. Users should make sure that AI systems are trained on diverse and accurate data sets, as this is vital in avoiding biased outcomes and misinformation.


We explored various tools and tactics that enable more personalized and higher-performing marketing strategies. By leveraging AI, marketers can deliver tailored experiences to their audiences, which in turn increases engagement and conversion rates.

Boosting productivity

Another significant benefit of AI is its ability to boost productivity, particularly when used by insightful teams who know how to harness its potential. By automating repetitive tasks and providing valuable insights, AI allows marketing teams to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth.

If you have had reservations about using AI for your brand or business—whether for productivity or promotion—get in touch with EGC Group. We can answer your questions and help you become “AI-friendly.”