Don’t Change the Channel on Television Ads

In a time where digital media is top-of-mind when it comes to advertising, the “old fashioned” method of television is frequently overlooked. Find out why presenting ads on television is still an effective way to get your brand seen before potential customers, and how, with the right guidance, it is more possible than you might think.

Yes, people still watch TV

In a recent article for McKinsey & Company, authors Marco Aukofer, Thomas Bauer, Cody Butt, and Priya Rammohan noted that despite any decline or fading into the background, television is still a relevant medium, particularly among older audiences—and it remains the biggest worldwide vehicle for advertising. According to a report in Marketing Charts, people in the 50-64 and 65+ age groups spent, respectively, between five and six hours watching television. (These same age groups tended to spend a minute or less on connected devices.) So, the audience is there. And they are missing the opportunity of the products and services that brands have to offer. This is something that should make owners of local businesses sit up and take notice.

Angela Mertz, VP, Integrated Media at EGC Group concurs:

Audiences remember the ads they see on TV the most and there is really no match for the credibility and brand building that TV advertising provides to local businesses.

Local businesses appearing on local television ads

Unlike big, national brands, local business owners who are considering the use of television to promote their brands are focused on being visible to their immediate neighborhoods and surrounding regions—and doing so without breaking the bank. Bob Adams states in BusinessTown that local cable may be a good option for these businesses, as costs are comparatively inexpensive. Additionally, Mr. Adams points out that subscribers to local cable stations tend to have more money to spend. If you own a business and are considering television, these upscale customers might take an interest in what you have to offer if they see an ad on their local stations. That’s a nice daydream, but let’s get back to reality. How can you make television ads happen?

The questions abound!

How can you—along with other business owners—put a television ad campaign in motion? How do you know what times to run a television ad, its length, and frequency? With no experience in television, how can you know what steps to take and the best choices to make? The answer to these and many other questions: The right agency.

An agency partnership

The importance of developing a strong partnership with a reliable agency cannot be emphasized enough. From negotiating a media budget to pinpointing the time slots and frequency when a television ad should run, the right agency is a business owner’s best friend. The authors of the McKinsey & Co. article point out that with the guidance of a media agency, businesses will see significant savings and reach higher levels of sophistication in the planning and execution of their television advertising campaigns.

If you have been thinking about running an ad for your business on television, EGC can help. We provide everything from media planning and buying services to in-house video production at The Content Studio.

Contact us to learn more. We can make the dream of seeing your business promoted on television a reality.