Coming Soon: Apple Intelligence

By Jonathan Baker

It was bound to happen. Apple, the iconic brand that produces everything from personal computers to digital wristwatches, will integrate artificial intelligence into its products. Scheduled for release this autumn, word is already spreading fast about this breakthrough, named Apple Intelligence.

ChatGPT from OpenAI is to be part of Apple Intelligence

At last week’s World Wide Developers Conference, (WWDC), Apple announced its plan to incorporate AI into its operations. What will truly distinguish Apple Intelligence is that it is being integrated with AI powerhouse ChatGPT. Some may wonder if this isn’t overdoing the AI move a bit.

Double threat?

Apple’s creation of its own AI system and partnership with ChatGPT may seem redundant. Why not use one or the other? As Brian Fung observed in CNN, Apple Intelligence—by itself—will serve as a personal assistant. When a user seeks immediate information, results based on his or her personal context will generate quickly and efficiently. The inclusion of ChatGPT, on the other hand, serves to find broader information, or “world knowledge,” as referred to by the executives behind this partnership. Convenient? Yes. Concerning? Where privacy is concerned, another “yes.”

ChatGPT’s approach to privacy

Since Apple and ChatGPT are working in sync, privacy concerns are literally double. Where ChatGPT is concerned, Mr. Fung reports that OpenAI has agreed to a concession from Apple where IP addresses and prompts would neither be collected nor stored.

Apple’s approach to privacy

One innovation of Apple Intelligence aimed to protect user security is Privacy Cloud Compute, which does not store data and will only share it per the request of the individual user. Additionally, this feature will also include a verifiable privacy promise to enhance security.

So, the security of Apple Intelligence via both the agreement with Open AI along with Privacy Cloud Compute is being addressed. What else will Apple Intelligence have to offer? Here are examples…

The Apple Intelligence checklist

Among newer features, along with improvements to existing ones, Apple Intelligence offers…

  • Writing Tools—An assistant for users that enhances the content they are putting into words.
  • Image Wand—An innovation that formats a rough sketch into a polished image.
  • Image Playground—A feature that enables users create original images—right within their apps.
  • Siri—Will be upgraded and enhanced, thanks to a keener understanding of language to make communication with the app and user more natural.


Will there be modifications, additions, or deletions to the above list once Apple Intelligence launches later in the year? Will the combined efforts of Apple and ChatGPT guarantee user security? These are but two of what will be an ever-evolving list of questions. One certainty: This may prove to be the most anticipated Apple-related news of the year.

As a parallel to the forming and eventually release of Apple Intelligence, social media giant Meta is preparing to roll out its own generative artificial intelligence. Which big brand do you think will be next to “go AI”? The year 2024 could well turn out to be the “Year of the AI Competition.”

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