Cheering on the Game—and Ads—for Super Bowl LVIII

Written by Jonathan Baker

EGC presents a rundown of select ads to air on Super Bowl Sunday that are currently available to view. Which will score big among millions of viewers?

A game to remember

Football fans anticipate who will win: the Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers? Music and pop culture fans wonder what will happen when Taylor Swift shows up in support of boyfriend Travis Kelce, tight end for the Chiefs. More music fans wish Usher a successful halftime show. And still others are tuning in strictly for the ads…

Millions of viewers—and millions of dollars

Perhaps the most interested viewers who will be watching this Sunday’s game are the powers that be behind the brands and their respective agencies who have ads that will air. As reported by Aimee Picchi in CBS News, businesses are paying $7 million for 30 seconds of air time. To say that a lot is on the line is an understatement. That’s why the Super Bowl is not “just a football game.”

Competition among the ads played during Super Bowl

While the Super Bowl is mostly about football, the curiosity as to which ads will make an impact have become just as competitive as the two teams playing the game. With so many predictions and so much at stake, is it ironic or fateful that this year’s game is being played in Las Vegas? You decide.

Decide also on which of these select ads—spotlighting everything from automobile brands to tech companies—will make a splash this Sunday night. Click on each brand name to view the ad.

Anheuser-Busch: A Super Bowl game would not be complete without a Budweiser ad. Here, the brand’s mascot Clydesdales come to the rescue when delivery of Bud barrels are held up.

BMW: Christopher Walken driving around in a BMW? Yes, it happened, and this commercial features a clever and funny “day in the life” of the literal impression this actor makes. Tina Fey promotes this well-known travel agency with help from Jane Krakowski, Glenn Close, Jack McBrayer—and a creature who looks like Chewbacca. (Just watch.)

CrowdStrike: In this preview, cybersecurity technology company goes what we might call “Steampunk Western” to advertise its message: “We stop breaches.”

Etsy: To promote its “Gift Mode” option, the e-commerce company offers a humorous “revisionist history” of how America returned the favor to France for the Statue of Liberty.

Lindt: The iconic chocolate brand gets the full “mini-movie” treatment in this ad as samples of the ball-shaped candy “fly” to a variety of places where it is tasted and enjoyed, proving its tagline: “Life is a ball.”

Microsoft: In the new era of artificial intelligence (AI), the tech giant is showcasing its “Copilot: Your everyday AI companion” chatbot to millions of viewers at this Sunday’s game—which means millions may try it out.

Squarespace: No current film director has the visual sense of Martin Scorsese, who created and starred in an ad for this website-building company—an homage to 1950s sci-fi movies.

T-Mobile: In this Super Bowl party cancellation scenario, two characters from TV’s “Scrubs” literally sing and dance about the benefits of T-Mobile to Jason Momoa.

Uber Eats: This preview to the actual ad inventively spoofs reality TV, as David and Victoria Beckham “rehearse”—ending with a reminder that whatever you forget, remember Uber Eats.

The selection above is indeed impressive and versatile. (And keep in mind that a number of ads will not be seen until Sunday night.)

If this blog has inspired you to increase the reach and visibility of your brand—and not at the exorbitant price of an ad on the Super Bowl, contact EGC. We’d be happy to partner with you and work together as a team.