Businesses Will Have a Lot to Like About Facebook

Facebook—that king of social media platforms—has received equal praise and criticism over the years. Whatever one’s opinion may be, there is no denying that Facebook is innovative and always evolving. Cases in point: Recent additions and improvements to the Facebook Business Suite management platform, as well as the exploration of new “business discovery” option.

About Facebook Business Suite

The Facebook Business Suite enables professionals to manage all of their connected accounts across both Facebook and Instagram in one location with specific tools to help easily manage their presence on these platforms—at no charge. And this already impressive branch of Facebook is growing stronger and reaching farther.

Elevating the Business Suite

Yes, Facebook Business Suite just got sweeter. Its latest and most impress innovation, as reported by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today, is that professionals will now have the capability to compose and schedule Facebook and Instagram Stories within the planning element. So, in one fell swoop, Stories can be created, scheduled to go live on Facebook and Instagram, and be displayed on content calendars.

What’s the story (or rather—Stories)?

What’s significant about this development is that it is Facebook’s first-time journey into the scheduling of Stories. Previously, social media managers had to rely on third-party tools to enable scheduling, but this back-and-forth process will be eliminated in favor of a streamlined operation where content strategies may be designed and implemented via a single content calendar tool that encompasses both Facebook and Instagram.

Four hundred million social media users can’t be wrong…

Facebook’s decision to upgrade its resources for creating Stories correlates to some attention-grabbing statistics recently featured in Business2Community. Gloria Chow noted that more than 400 million people spend close to half-an-hour viewing Instagram Stories on a daily basis. Most importantly, one-third of users have become interested in products through Stories. Business owners, take note.

More “business discovery” plans from Facebook

Complementing the enhancements to the Facebook Business Suite is a proposed “business discovery” feature, which would align with “Page recommendations” below News Feed posts. The concept is that social media users can learn more about businesses related to their interests. Let’s say someone is interested in physical fitness. This person sees updates in the “Page recommendations” that are geared to this topic. He or she then has the option to click on a connected feed that links to more in-depth content that might include information on a new health club in the neighborhood. Thus, a possible connection between user and business is born.

Social media marketing is more important than ever

The restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which required many people to stay indoors for much of the time led to even greater reliance on the Internet for staying connected. The importance of social media marketing there cannot be underemphasized, and local businesses should be in-step with the latest news and developments from Facebook and Instagram, among other platforms.

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