Be Prepared for Monumental Changes to Meta

Meta is in the news. You may have read about the layoff of thousands of employees, but are you aware of internal changes that will impact marketing on this organization’s social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram?

It’s brutal at Big Tech

There is a lot going on at Meta these days, with the recent announcement of a massive number of layoffs. An article in Yahoo! Finance bluntly stated that things are “brutal” for Big Tech, naming Meta and Salesforce as the two examples of this trend. Other changes are also taking place that demonstrate the massive changes and streamlining that is taking place in the workings of this social media giant. Like it or not, brands and advertisers will need to adjust.

Ad systems are being altered

Yes, Meta—parent company to Facebook and Instagram—has its hands full. Aside from dealing with layoffs (which is the latest in an ongoing slew of controversies) and answering non-stop questions about its inside operations, the social media giant is altering how its ad systems operate to counter growing privacy concerns—which means significant changes and restrictions. This in turn means that the marketing strategies of brands and businesses that advertise on Meta must adapt to changes that seem to be in constant motion.

The new “Self-Serve Ad Terms” of Meta

As of January 3, 2023, Meta will implement an updated version of its “Self-Serve Ad Terms,” which will alter—and impact—everything on its social media platforms. These include how orders for ads are placed, payment terms, and the running of tests on some ads, among many other points and conditions. The full list of the updated “Self-Serve Ad Terms” may be found here. Anyone who advertises on Facebook or Instagram—brand rep, business owner, or marketer—must be ready. Most importantly: They should not be discouraged about continuing to use social media as a venue to promote the messaging of their individual brands.

Find out about ‘Performance 5’

Yes, now is the time for brands and businesses that advertise on social media to stay on-track with Facebook and Instagram, despite the difficulties of having to adapt to these changes. In what Meta has named the ‘Performance 5’ framework, there are five tactics—strong tactics, it should be noted—to help maintain and strengthen performance as 2022 winds down and the new year begins. As noted by Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today, following these tactics will prove especially helpful to small businesses for gaining traction and visibility.

  1. Conversions API have been created to connect Meta ads directly to web events, website purchases, and the option to “add to cart.” Customer relationship management (CRM) will also efficiently manage data flows.

  2. Simplified Ad Sets will manage cost-effectiveness and boost social media ad performance. Additionally, automation of the sets will help ads reach each brand’s desired target audience and enable marketers to gauge results more efficiently.

  3. Broad Targeting has proven to bring improved results to Facebook and Instagram ads, and outperforms detailed and specialized “niche” strategies when it comes to attracting potential customers. With the addition of automation, broad targeting promises to be even stronger.

  4. Mobile-Friendly Video may seem an obvious tactic in this day and age, but it is important to remember the importance of how long—or rather how short—it takes for a brand to relay its message via video. And short-form video—at 15 seconds or less—is the order of the day.

  5. Ad Testing should zero in on creative, targeting or structure of ad sets in order to gauge more context for making better decisions about campaigns that run. Mr. Hutchinson points out that successful A/B tests had a CPR decrease by over 30 percent when compared to losing ads.

The EGC Group continues to stay in tune—and in step—with the changes taking place in social media regulations. If you have questions or concerns about how your brand can manage in the course of Meta’s new rules, get in touch with us. Our team of social media experts will ensure that your brand remains relevant, visible, and strong.