Battle of the Brands at Super Bowl LVII

There are many questions for this Sunday, as Super Bowl LVII gets underway. There’s the obvious question: Which team will win: Kansas City Chiefs or Philadelphia Eagles? Will there be a big turnout? And then there are those who may not be football fans but will to tune in to watch the commercials. Which brands will be seen by millions? Which spot (or spots) will declare one particular brand as a winner? Here is a selection of 10 ads that you can preview…

Celebrities galore, nostalgic blasts from the past, and much more

Here are preview of coming attractions (ad-wise) that will appear on this Sunday’s game.

1 and 2: Michelob ULTRA

Sunday night’s game is all about football, but golf rules in these clever retro-style ads which pay homage to the movie “Caddyshack.” Check out…

New Members Day: As tennis pro Serena Williams and actor’s actor Brian Cox take to the links. (Look hard to catch a cameo of Michael O’Keefe, star of the original movie.)

Full Swing Gossip: Justin Thomas are Jordan Spieth compete (as viewed on a 1980s TV) while Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo channels Bill Murray.

3: Budweiser

Do you know the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” game—a riff on the “six degrees of separation” concept? Any two random people are six or fewer acquaintances apart. Budweiser gets into this act with Six Degrees of Bud, with the belief that it is a six pack that separates people. (Oh yeah. Kevin Bacon narrates.)

4: Oikos Yogurt

Bringing football back to football, Deion Sanders, former NFL star and head coach at University of Colorado Boulder has a “strength match” with members of his family in the Sanders Family Reunion.

5: Pringles

Less is definitely more in this teaser ad for Pringles where a shades-sporting Meghan Trainor expresses mild frustration at both running out of her favorite chips, compounded by getting her hand stuck in the container.

6: Doritos

Utilizing social media to pique customer interest with the text—“A bag of Doritos BBQ, paparazzi and a mysterious person walk into a bar”—served as a segue to The Love Triangle spot featuring rapper Jack Harlow snacking on chips with this brand’s name.


As more people are willing to venture out to travel these days, a very relevant ad for will feature Melissa McCarthy displaying her talents as a singer in the amusing and almost Disney-esque Somewhere, Anywhere.

8: Avocados from Mexico

Comedic actress Anna Faris embodies the Bible’s Eve as an offscreen voice intones how “one fruit…can alter history with one small bite.” (Hint: It’s NOT the apple.) Check out the Avocados from Mexico campaign, The World is About to Get Better.

9: PopCorners

Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) of “Breaking Bad” has apparently gone into the snack line in this atmospheric teaser—complete with the Krystal Ship Winnebago—for the White Cheddar choice of PopCorners.

10: Workday

Yes, Super Bowl LXII is giving ad time to lesser-known brands. Workday, a software vendor specializing in financial and human capital management, is making its presence known with help from some famous faces. This particular ad stars Ozzy Osbourne in, fittingly, Ozzy Rock Star.


The budgets and star power of video ads that play on Super Bowl Sunday are beyond the reach for many, but they should serve as an inspiration for brands and businesses to be as creative and “out-of-the-box” as possible when it comes to making an impression on their target audiences. Many commercials that play this Sunday will become trending topics on social media. With that in mind, a carefully-crafted video ad for any brand—regardless of size or renown—can be posted, shared, and a success on social media.

EGC can make this happen. From full-scale video services delivered in The EGC Content Studio to inventive placement through social media strategies, your brand will get the star treatment (even without a movie star in sight).

Enjoy the game this Sunday!