Are You Up to Speed on Three Updates to Instagram?

Written by Jonathan Baker
Contributors: Christina Botte, Director of Social Media at EGC and Viraya Myint, Senior Account Manager at EGC

If you promote your brand or business on Instagram, check out several updates which can help improve engagement and increase visibility for reaching more potential customers.

1. Running time for Reels update

If you feel that time to play Reels is too short, here’s good news: Instagram is enabling a longer running time for video content on Reels. From the 90-second time limit of yesterday, Reels have been extended to three minutes. Longer run times, as observed in Social Media Today, means a boost to engagement, not to mention:

  • More time to promote brand messaging about specific products and services.
  • Increased monetization opportunities via in-stream ads.
  • Capitalizing on Reels’ increase of 20 percent video consumption (year over year).

As Reels are important to everyone from brand owners to influencers and/or content creators, the second Instagram innovation is especially worth considering…

2. Carousel update

First, there was a polling feature where users may cast their votes about a post. Now, Instagram is testing how to directly place comments on imagery within a carousel post, which would appear alongside a thumbnail of the content. Aside from the benefits of engagement and interaction, Social Media Today notes a side bonus of less confusion when comments are made to a carousel post…

  • A user scrolls through a carousel on Instagram, and sees an image he or she wants to comment on.
  • The image number (e.g., “1” or “2”) is placed in the comments field, preceded by the “@” symbol: “@1” or “@2”.
  • The numbered comment appears with the specific image, keeping everything organized.

And while we’re on the topic of being organized…

3. Hashtags update

As reported in Search Engine Land, the powers that be at Instagram have readjusted how results appear when hashtags are clicked or pressed. The feeds for “Top Posts” via hashtags were once the priority. This update will redirect to broader results which will not only simplify the discovery of posts—but brand info—that is relevant to what users are searching for. Instagram users are now able to:

  • View a brand’s account information.
  • Listen to audio and soundbites.
  • Watch related Reels.

Thank you, Instagram. Everyone from brand owners to content creators are sure to benefit from these updates.

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