Advertising Sales for 2024 Olympics Soar

By Jonathan Baker with Insights from Jessica Altman, EGC’s Integrated Media Planner/Buyer and Angela Mertz, EGC’s VP of Integrated Media

While many anticipate who the winning athletes will be in the upcoming Paris Olympics, NBCUniversal—the U.S. station broadcasting the event—is already scoring big, having sold over one billion dollars in advertising. (Yes, you read that right—over one billion dollars.)

Summer 2024 Olympics

This will be a record-setting Olympics competition, thanks to overlapping factors—many of which connect to the eagerness that people have for enjoying life in the post-COVID era. This is evident in the fact that venues hosting the Olympics are projected to be filled to maximum capacity for the first time since the pandemic. More attending fans means more advertising opportunities…

Olympic enthusiasm at all-time high

Many high-profile brands realized the importance of the upcoming Olympics—as well as the opportunity for visibility—and actively pursued corporate sponsorships. Another plus is that the games will be hosted in Paris, France. This is beneficial from a scheduling standpoint, as the time zone is more in sync with television viewing times in the U.S. More ads will be broadcast to more prospective customers.

And what about audiences who don’t watch TV as a rule? NBCUniversal has them covered as well…

Streaming and social, anyone?

To accommodate fans—particularly younger audiences—who consume media through streaming or their social media platforms of choice, NBCUniversal will stream every Paris-based Olympic event on its exclusive streaming service, Peacock. Advertisers have the added opportunity for the first time to purchase ads via automated technology. (NBCU also brokered deals to with “X” and Snapchat for good measure.) Indeed, the digital advertising revenue for the 2024 Olympics has already broken record sales.)

These efforts have literally paid off…

Astronomical results

As of April, NBCUniversal had sold a nearly unbelievable figure of $1.2 billion worth of advertising. Many sponsors are advertising at the 2024 Olympics for the first time, at an impressive amount of $350 million.

Furthermore, commercial inventory—save for the opening and closing ceremonies—is still available!

Oh, it should be noted that NBCUniversal will pay $7.65 billion to renew broadcast rights for the Olympics until 2032. (Nothing like planning ahead.)

Media matters in a major way

The opportunities for greater brand visibility when promoted at events such as the Olympics can’t be denied. Here are insights from EGC’s integrated media team:

“It is incredibly exciting to collaborate with brands that are advertising during the 2024 Olympics as it generates an unmatched level of positive brand association, resulting in benefits that extend far beyond immediate recognition.”

— Jessica Altman, Integrated Media Planner/Buyer

“Partnering with the Olympics offers unparalleled reach for brands. This prestigious sporting event can significantly boost brand perception and drive long-term loyalty.”

— Angela Mertz, VP, Integrated Media

Although smaller, unknown brands may not be able to afford to be seen on the Olympics broadcast, the opportunities to be seen at other major events are there—and should be taken.

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Enjoy the Olympics!