Advertising on Multiple Social Media Platforms

Practically every brand or business has at least one social media presence. Some have many. A recent study suggests, however, that being featured on too many social media sites presents just as many challenges.

Multiple social platforms

A report in HootSuite revealed that the typical social media user visits a total of seven (count ‘em) platforms per month. The logical thought that follows is that a brand which is visible on seven platforms would lead to multiple benefits. This is possible—under specific conditions. The rule that seasoned marketers know, and which social media advertising has proven, is the importance of meeting the target audience (i.e., social users) directly where they are in order to be successful.

Establishing the right social media presence in the right place at the right time

Juggling many platforms for a single brand’s social presence is not only time-consuming but tricky. Start-up businesses and brands that are just beginning their entrance into the social media world tend to learn this the hard way. Very simply, a single post may yield great results on Facebook, but that same post could fail badly on Pinterest (or vice versa). The solution to making the most impact on more than one platform: Careful curation, and knowing the basics of what, when, where, and how to promote content.

Knowing the differences in how social platforms operate

Content that is posted to social media must be tailored to the trends, word counts, types of imagery, and above all—the core audience—that is specific to that platform. (As noted above, although social media users may log into seven different sites in a single month, they are expecting different experiences.) These points make up the “specific conditions” mentioned above. Even if all of these conditions are met, there is still no guarantee that a brand will score with every platform.

How to determine which social sites bring the best results

How a brand succeeds on social media depends on its performance on each individual site. A brand’s success on social media is measured by the testing of carefully arranged posts on different platforms. Having the patience to wait and gauge the success of a social media campaign is a must. Should four-out-of-seven platforms score high, then marketers should present these findings to the brand or business owner and encourage attention, strategy, and creativity on these specific sites.

Narrow the social selections

Ultimately, time, money, and energy will be well utilized by narrowing down those social channels that guarantee success. This is the tactic that EGC takes when developing social media strategies for clients. As Christina Botte, Director of Social Media states: “We keep it straightforward: We zero in on the platforms where your audience is most active and create effective strategies tailored to those platforms.”

The observations of this blog may be thought of as the digitized and modernized example of an old saying: “You can’t please all of the people all of the time.” If you have questions about how to best present your brand on social media, contact EGC. Our team of social media experts will be able to determine the best platform (or platforms) where your brand will be connected to the right audience. In short, we can please you and your current—and potential—customers.

Let EGC socialize with your brand.