A Case Study: How Public Relations Boost Digital Performance

When looking to increase online leads, most marketers begin with digital tactics: SEO, search, and social. Traditional PR, often overlooked by direct response marketers and perceived as a branding tactic, can be a great way to increase lead generation, onside conversion, and also help convert existing leads to sales.

Broadcast PR placements – like CEO interviews and thought leadership placements – will not only assist in brand awareness, but are also proven to aid in positive lead ROI. Most viewers are on standby with their laptop or mobile device, and more willing to engage with a brand or company that has been featured by an authoritative news source.

Case in point: Apple Montessori Schools.

AMS Slide1The EGC PR team quickly jumped in to help leverage Apple Montessori Schools’ thought leadership on reopening in the COVID-19 environment, where they showcased their safety protocols and reopening procedures.

The team secured placements on several broadcast channels, including ABC News, as well as digital placements.

While the branding impact was great, the impact on digital conversions was even better, having yielded a 58 percent increase in key KPIs.

You can find out more about EGC’s PR assignment with Apple Montessori Schools by clicking here.

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