2021 Planning: Planning for the Unplannable

For so many, planning for 2021 feels like planning for the unplannable. We are here to help by providing certainty in marketing investments, storytelling solutions to help you succeed, and innovative new media and digital strategies, including:

Performance-Based Compensation Partnerships

We’ve always been a results-above-all agency, and we believe in what we do so much that we’re willing to bet on it. We offer compensation agreements that are dependent on us meeting – or exceeding – our shared goals.

Performance-Focused Public Relations

We’ve expanded our PR team and capabilities to help you win more earned media and new placements in traditional PR, and in digital PR to help you achieve a top position in Google search results. Our crisis planning and management team can also help develop a preparedness playbook going into 2021.

Content at the Speed of Today’s Consumer

Content consumption has increased over 60% in 2020, and it will only increase next year. Our in-house content studio is building real-time videos, social content, web series, podcasts, and CEO interviews – all efficiently and cost-effectively.

The EGC Real-Time Dashboard

Our proprietary dashboard syncs all of your marketing analytics into one easy to understand view, giving you transparency into your KPIs and lead sources.

Expanded Digital Ecosystem

We’ve expanded our digital partnerships to provide you best-in-class solutions.

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