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At the EGC Group, we believe websites are not a project, but a research-driven marketing tool. Our designs are a collaborative effort between designers, developers, information architects, social media experts, and marketers. Yes, marketers. A website isn’t just a pretty design – it actually does something: grow your business. As a digital agency with a lot of experience building websites (15+ years), the EGC Group understands that a website design must be user-centric if it’s to attract customers. Using cutting-edge web design techniques, the website design team at the EGC Group creates online experiences that drive actions, leads, and sales.

We build websites that work and drive our clients’ businesses.

The digital web design team at our New York-based advertising agency can build:

  • Brand Marketing Sites
  • Corporate Sites
  • B2B Sites
  • eCommerce Sites
  • Mobile Websites
  • Campaign Microsites
  • Flash Websites
  • IOS Development
  • HTML5 and CSS3

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