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Advertising has always been about attention: How can you put your brand’s message in front of the consumer in a way that they’ll remember you? Today, the number of channels to reach consumers increases at a pace that is quicker than most brands can keep up with. The result is an “always-on,” connected world where consumers are so inundated that they automatically tune out advertising.

Inbound marketing cuts through the noise with the goal of providing value that informs, entertains, or addresses consumer pain points. It’s opt-in advertising, where your target audience invites you to deliver your message. In exchange for providing this extra support, you collect customer data to further build the relationship, solidify your brand’s role as a solution provider, and build loyalty.

EGC’s Content Marketing Services:

  • Persona Development and Messaging Strategy
  • Content development: eBooks, Whitepapers, Tutorials, Infographics, Case Studies
  • Content Distribution and Social Media
  • SEO
  • Marketing Analytics and Data
  • Lead Nurturing

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